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A plea is each (also informal) legally recognized possibility of proceeding against a decision with the goal of the abolition or alteration. A plea with Suspensiveffekt and Devolutiveffekt is called redress. A plea regulated in most rules of procedure is e.g. the complaint.

Informal pleas (for example complaints of supervision of service) are - according to lawyer mockery - "informally, fruitlessly without notice". Other typical informal pleas are the remonstrance and in addition, the complaint, which however also in some procedures as formal plea should exist and not be confounded.

Administrative law

Administrative decisions must be usually provided with a plea instruction, with which over the contestation possibilities one clears up. Is plea instruction incorrect or is missing it completely, then causes this that the period, within which the decision can be contested begins to run not, to its place steps a one year's set period of exclusion. In the decision it was pointed out that no plea is possible, then there is no period, and the plea can be inserted for an unlimited period.

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