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Plan escape: Torment is a computer game of roles, which is in the Advanced Dungeon & Dragons Spielwelt plan escape, also simply only the levels mentioned, settled. The play was developed by the Black Isle of Studios and published in the year 2000 by Interplay. Chris Avellone, which is busy with Obsidian Entertainment at present, was active as Gamedesigner. Guido handle, which functioned considerably at the development of the computer game series the black eye - which was involved Nordlandtrilogie, as a producer. Guido handle left Black Isle in the controversy with the management of Interplay however already some months before the publication of the play.

In the play the player transfers control of a puzzling character, which comes at the beginning in a mortuary again to consciousness, without memory to his identity or his past. Soon a floating, speaking dead head associates named Morte with it, which follows from now at each of its steps, and the only skurrile character does not remain, which one meets on its journey by the levels. Plan escape: Torment differs from similar computer games of roles as for example the Baldur's gate row by its emphasis on dialogues and action, whereas the meaning of fights into the background moves. The play also today still celebrated as a prime example of the stories telling in the context of a Computerspiels.Im play treated topic areas to extend itself of the importance of names up to the central question "which can the nature of humans


The action begins in Sigil, which city of the gates, with which awaking the Protagonisten (the nameless one) on a Steinplatte is within the mortuary, without knowledge who it or is also only where it. A chat-chatting that dead heads named Morte slides to it and informs the nameless one about signatures on its back, which instruct it to read its journal and to make someone named Pharod. Thereupon the nameless one places itself to the search for the solution of two fundamental problems: Why is it unsterblich, and whereby it can regain its number of

These two "plot DEVICEs" send the player by the inexhaustible world of plan escape, which strotzt before characters, objects and curiosities of the different levels multi-verse around only so. A philosophy, which manifests itself again and again in the play process, is those the consent reality, to that-according to to something exist begins, as soon as only sufficient people believe in it. If for example characters ask the nameless one for its name (which it does not know), then often the answer stands to the selection, it is called "Adahn". If he explained opposite to sufficient people, it is "Adahn", it is possible that evenly this emerges, in order to state, he is an old friend, although he before never existed.

The player always arrives exotic places, as e.g. into a lane with to pregnant women a wall, the brothel at the satisfaction of the intellectual desires or one of the of the lady of the pain. In addition it bereist many of the levels, Avernus, the first layer of Baator or Curst (dt. Verdammnis), which admits Grenzstadt to Carceri, better than the level of the thieves and cheats.

Last the latter achieves the nameless one the negative material level, in order with its number of deaths to be confronted, extremely powerful nature only admits as the transcendental one.

Worth knowing

  • Developer: Black Isle of Studios (Lionheart, fall out row, Icewind Dale row)
  • ISO-metric representation with BioWares Infinity engine (gate originally develops for Baldur's) in a solid dissolution of 640x480 pixels;
  • The second edition of the AD&D set of rules uses;
  • No multi-player mode;
  • Limited character charaktererschaffung;
  • Approx. 100 (partially very complex animated) spells, of it 80% according to the set of rules;
  • How/as well-being possible NPC's a class combination play, uses the nameless one a Class hopping system, with the help of whose it can change into one of the three classes possible for it (fighter, rogue, charm-well-informed).
  • Approx. 1.5 million text lines, several millions words of dialogues

Characters in the play

  • Namelessly
  • Morte
  • Dakkon
  • Annah
  • Grace the pleasure
  • Ignus
  • Nordom
  • Vhailor

System requirements

  • Operating system: Win 95/98/ME with DirectX6 or better, runs also on Win2000/XP
  • Processor: 200 MHz
  • Main memory: 32 MT RAM
  • Diagram: no 3D-Karte necessarily
  • Free fixed disk: at least 650 MT
  • Sound: DirectX certified sound map

Commercial success

Plan escape: Torment differs from most other games of roles considerably by the fact that in the play more importance is attached very much to discussions than to fights. Despite the success of the first part similarly put on of the Baldur's gate series of bio commodity the sales figures stayed behind expectations, which was to due on the one hand to the unusual play scenario, on the other hand in addition, at a missed Marketingstrategie on the part of Interplay as well as that little responding packing Design lay. Became world-wide by plan escape: Torment of nevertheless approx. 400,000 copies sells, so that according to Chris Avellone at least development costs of the play were again brought in. In this regard comments are, in those plan escape: Torment large commercial flop is called to regard as exaggerated.

The plan escape play system is not any longer supported by the manufacturer Wizards OF the Coast since the conversion to the third edition of Dungeon & Dragons. Therefore is also not to be counted for the time being on the development of a further computer game, this play system is the basis for which. Due to the requirement level, which is connected with the development of a module playing in the plan escape universe, there were few hobby projects developing on the play, which go out inadequacies of the main program any longer not repaired over the function of a Patches for removal some of Interplay in the past also only.


There are two novels, both to the computer game in English language.

On the one hand of Ray and Valerie Vallese under the title "Torment" a history, which orients itself as far as possible at the process of the computer game, however on the one hand fewer characters introduces, on the other hand a something else end has. The novel appeared 1999 with TSR.

In addition there is a minute of the way from Rhyss Hess by the computer game, in which all dialogues of the novel were transferred literally from the play. This book is free of charge in the net available.

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