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Piko (abbreviation for "pioneer construction") was a state-owned enterprise in the German Democratic Republic (GDR), which model railways and - accessories produced. Today the denationalized enterprise firmiert as Piko play goods GmbH and also within the range of the old Lands of the Federal Republic to a firm size in the model course market establish could itself.


At first in Chemnitz (Karl Marx city) based, the enterprise was shifted later after sun mountain. The enterprise was created 1948 on instruction of the SMAD (Soviet military administration in Germany), since the inhabitants of the Soviet zone of occupation could buy no more model clearing hurry after the separate currency reform in West Germany with the past common currency. The first models, which one presented on the occasion of the Leipziger autumn fair 1949, were brought to EXPRESS" under the product designation "PICO on the market. From where this way of writing came, is unknown. Only in the year 1952 the models under the name were offered to PIKO. This trade name represents an abbreviation from the words pioneer construction.

With PIKO model railway vehicles for the nominal size became H0 and nominal size N (until 1989) as well as electromechanical toy produces. The Piko vehicles captivated already at GDR times by a very high measure of Detailierung; over the companies writers from arrived the products also at the West German market. Also with the model railway articles, which the West German distributing house offered to source in the Vorwendezeit occasionally, it concerned Piko products.

After in the 70's several put under state control private companies the Piko collective combine had been attached, a large part of GDR model course production under this mark ran.

After the reunification 1990 also VEB Piko was completed by the trust establishment, it threatened from. But the enterprise could be bought to Wilfer by Dr. F. and carries since then the name "Piko play goods GmbH".

Thereupon took place a gradual revision of the assortment, which was adapted and improved to the current technical conditions. Besides the vehicle program in H0 was constantly extended. Piko avoided multiple developments and set consistently in such models, which were not no more offered by the competitors not or.

Into the 1990er years with the production of buildings for the nominal size H0 and nominal size IIm (G) was begun. 2002 took place the conception of the PIKO of A-track, with which Piko in the nominal size became HO again a full assortment offerer.


Apart from a full assortment in the track width Piko building for the HO and IIm offers HO.

The quality of the standard assortment is today equivalent with that of the West German offerers. The standard assortment covers among other things numerous models after models of the German National Railroad, in addition, or the E 93, Piko brought some typical Federal Railroads series out, like the BR 82.

Attention excited Piko, when over the electronics dispatch Conrad were offered inexpensive locomotive models in the nominal size to H0 for the first time. Thus an offer at inexpensive, simpler models for the new A RISEr and Spielbahner should be created. After the Taurus the selection was extended soon by the BR 185, 189 and 218. The low price can be obtained however only by the fact that these models are manufactured not with Piko themselves, but bought to go with by a producer from China.

With the "Taurus" 2005 the entrance was started in nominal size TT. Further in co-operation with the company UHL-break into a Digitalsystem offered. Starting from summer 2006 PIKO with the "Taurus" becomes in the nominal size G for the first time also a Tfzg. bring for the garden course into the trade.

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