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Philipp Friedrich Gmelin (* 19 August 1721 in "† 9. May 1768) was a German physician, Botaniker and a chemist. He was a brother of the famous traveler Johann George Gmelin.

Gmelin referred already with 15 years the university in its father city, in order to dedicate itself to the study of the natural sciences and the medicine. After completion of the same it made a larger journey by the Netherlands and England.

1744 it returned to and became here the Stadtphysikus. 1755 he was appointed in place of his deceased of brother the professor of the Botanik and chemistry and dressed this office up to his death.

Except a small botanischen work (Otia botanica, 1760), which it as manual its lectures on Botanik at the basis put, and a report over the Reutlinger healthy well (1761) he only one number of academic opportunity writings published, which, articles from the most diverse ranges of the medicine treating, not over the level of the usual one to rise.

Philipp Friedrich Gmelin divides the fate of many miracle children so mentioned, to whose unusual earlyripe large expectations attach over former meaning of the individual, which remain unfulfilled.

The chemist, zoologist, Botaniker and a Mineraloge Johann Friedrich Gmelin is its oldest son.

This article is based on the article of the same name of August deer in the general German biography, volume 9, page 273. Copyrights expired.

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