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Pharao is a structure play that in the year 1999 by the company Sierra Entertainment was brought out. The play principle resembles preceded the Caesar series. From the bird perspective the player controls the structure of a settlement. Scene of the play is old Egypt.

Structure of play

The play develops within one in detail arranged campaign, in which in the degree of difficulty missions developing one on the other line up together. The missions are connected by a coherent history. At the beginning an accumulation of simple huts with a cistern is enough. The city becomes later more complex, while the tasks become more requirementful. The increasing population needs agriculture for the food supply just like religious and cultural mechanisms.

Trade with other cities becomes just as possible and necessary in the course of the time as wars. The play is however predominantly in structure specialized, wars runs without insight of the player off it sends simply only troops and afterwards over the result of the battle in knowledge is set.

The city dwellers - farmers, dealers and others - move freely by the city and follow thereby to its business. They can be clicked and informed individually the player then also about possible problems.


In the course of the campaign tombs including powerful pyramids must be built. The building process is represented gradually thereby as workers put the foundation and the pyramid to row for row from two different sorts stone to then develop. Arrange for the player an impression of the building of the pyramid, unusually realistic for structure plays.

Besides the player can experience also some fundamentals of Egyptian history, although from historical authenticity probably here the speech cannot be real.

A manual strong over 200 sides is attached to the play, which deals also in detail beside the play mechanisms with Egyptian history.

Queen of the Nile: Kleopatra (ADD on)

In October 2000 appeared with queen of the Nile: Kleoptra an ADD on to Pharao.

Following products of the play row

  • Ruler of the Olymp: Zeus as well as the ADD on Poseidon
  • The first emperor
  • Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile

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