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Pertinax is a composite material from paper and a phenol formaldehyde synthetic resin. This laminated paper is used in electro-technology and in electronics as isolating substrate for construction units and circuits, predominantly in the form of printed circuit boards (plates), which can be coated in or reciprocally with copper. From the phenol formaldehyde synthetic resin always small quantities of phenol and formaldehyde, which does not only produce a strict smell, evaporate but also a health risk represent.

FR1 = phenolic resin + laminated paper (approve of sort) FR2 = phenolic resin + laminated paper (standard quality)

As successor product for Pertinax often also an epoxy synthetic resin is used.

FR3 = epoxy resin + HartpapierFR4 = epoxy resin + GlasfasergewebeFR5 = epoxy resin + glass fiber fabrics (heat resistant)

FR stands for Fleming retardant.

Glass fiber fabric has the disadvantage that when boring the plates a fine glass dust develops, which can represent a health risk.

See also: Phenol formaldehyde synthetic resin without paper is called bakelite.

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