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A personality test is a psychological test for the measurement of personality characteristics. Contrary to performance inspections, which measure the cognitive efficiency, it goes into personality tests around the forecast of emotional and motivationaler aspects of the behavior into everyday life situations.


Personality tests are used development in the personnel lesson and -, in order to be able to measure the suitability of candidates. In the clinical psychology personality tests serve the better tuning of therapeutic interventions on the personality of the client. The psychological basic research uses personality tests, in order to win new realizations over inter-individual differences in experiencing and holding back.

In practice personality tests do not supply objective data over the personality of a person, but only references, who must be confirmed due to further procedures, about interviews.


As in each psychological test the test leader in a personality test provokes a rehearsing and behavior, which is noted. Testing happens under standardized conditions, i.e. that disturbing situationale influences should be if possible switched off and that the instruction is exactly prescribed. Usually answer to the rehearsing and questions to itself or to ambiguous attraction material. The collection and evaluation can manually (PAPER pencil tests) or computer-assisted happen.

Kinds of personality tests

Psychometri tests are differentiated from projektiven tests. Psychometri tests are questionnaires, by means of those personality characteristics pro gangs with the average values of a standard sample to be usually compared. In contrast to it the rehearsing and is asked in projektiven tests to interpret weakly structured attraction material; from the interpretation by a primarily qualitative evaluation conclusions are drawn on the personality.

As quasi-standard for psychometrische personality tests the NEO five factor inventory in the academic psychology (short form has itself: NEO-FFI and/or long form: NEO PI r) establishes. Further one, less spread tests of this kind are the TIPI (Trierer integrated personality inventory) and the HPI (Hamburg personality inventory).

Follow another logic the HAKEMP (action control after success, failure and prospektiv), a test for action and position control as well as projektive tests like e.g.: the Rorschach test or the topic tables view test. Projektive tests are still used in practice, despite insufficient test quality.

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