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Performance inspections are scientific procedures, which are designed according to the rules of a test theory. They produce in the test situation with pro gangs those behavior characteristics, which belong to the goal characteristic (contrary to personality tests).

One can differentiate between general performance inspections and special performance inspections. General performance inspections seize characteristics, which are contained in each achievement, while special performance inspections seize only special achievements.

Performance inspections are problematic, because they give a certain achievement to measure, however by the selection of the tasks, their compilation and by many other conditions (time, working climate, personal stress,"…) the result of measurement strongly to differ can. Problematic is also the interpretation of performance inspections.

Projektive performance inspections, those are particularly problematic state to predict whether and how humans bring in the future the expected achievement.

Kinds of performance inspections

The most important kinds from performance inspections are:

  1. Intelligence test like the HAWIE or that IS
  2. Concentration test like the d2
  3. Memory test
  4. School performance inspection, like e.g. Read test or computing test

Besides there are special performance inspections for the diagnostics of degenerative brain illnesses as well as for school or vocational suitability.

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