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The penal institution is the first part-denationalized penal institution in Germany. It is in the easthessian and offers 502 detention places.

The hessian model project

Due to the overflow of the hessian prisons a further prison new building in Hessen was planned already some years ago. According to data of the hessian Minister of Justice at that time Christean Wagner the experiences would have shown France in England, and the USA that (part) denationalized prisons were more economical and more effective. Therefore in the coalition contract of the hessian government parties at that time CDU and FDP was already decided in the spring 1999 that planning, building and enterprise of a prison which can be built again as far as legally possible into private hands will transfer were. On this basis the hessian Ministry of Justice used a working group, which should compile the legal basic conditions for such a model project. The working group came to the conclusion that a privatisation of the execution of sentences is inadmissible as a whole in Germany, since the execution of sentences belongs to the core range of national task fulfilment and is not privatisationable as such regarding paragraph 4 Basic Law. Within the execution of sentences it was judged however possible to denationalize certain subranges in the context of a Public private Partnership. Into private hands therefore the following ranges could be put:

  • planning and establishment,
  • the Hausmanagment (building maintenance, maintenance etc.),
  • the supplying management (kitchen, cleaning, expenditure for clothing),
  • Care management,
  • as well as as for example daily control of the operability of the protection systems determined parts of the guard and control management.

These tasks are noticed of the contractually obligated persons as administrative aids.

Not to be denationalized could due to the constitutional defaults however:

  • the predominant part of the Bewachungsmanagments, thus the admission and dismissal of the prisoners, execution planning, disciplinary actions etc.,
  • the remaining part guard and control management, thus for instance control of the external contacts as well as the arrangement and execution of safeguards or direct obligation,
  • as well as the entire organization sovereignty.

These tasks are noticed further by officials.

The responsibility for the enterprise of the penal institution remains because of exp. 2 execution of sentences law alone in national hand. The portion of the denationalized personnel of the prison is with 45%. Altogether 95 coworkers for the private operator will work, 116 coworkers will become state servants to be. The cost savings opposite other hessian penal institutions are to be with approx. 15%. Hessen has very high detention costs in the comparison with other Lands of the Federal Republic.

After a European-wide advertisement in the year 2003 the company Serco GmbH from Bonn, a subsidiary of the British Serco Group, received the addition as most economical offerers. With it the country Hessen closed an operator contract and it on 8 November 2004 the denationalizable tasks was transferred. The building of the institute was accomplished already before in a GU-procedure. Owner of the real estate is thus further the country Hessen (no offering model, see Public private Partnership).

On 7 December 2005 the JVA was solemnly opened by the hessian Prime Minister Roland cook. The night before had stayed overnight the new hessian Minister of Justice Banzer as a guest to the sample in the prison.

The building

The JVA was sketched as plant, which itself along a zweigeschossigen development course, which finds so-called Vollzugsmagistralen. The Vollzugsmagistrale is all ranges of the institute to closely interlace and in the sense of a "concept of the short ways" all uses such as accommodation buildings, working place and functional areas under a roof connect. The plant is enclosed by a barrier.


  • Torsten Kunze: Privatisation in the execution of sentences - the hessian model project of a part-denationalized penal institution, in: E. Meurer/G. Stephan (Hrsg.), account system and Controlling in the public administration, group 6, P. 695 to 715, Haufe publishing house, Freiburg 2003
  • Rolf Stober (Hrsg.): Privatisation in the execution of , Cologne and others 2001, ISBN 3-452-24996-4
  • Christean Wagner: Privatisation in the law execution - a concept for the future, in: Magazine for right politics, Jg. 2000, P. 169 to 216

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