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The penal institution forest home in forest home, about 40 km von Chemnitz far away, was once the largest penintentiary of Saxonia and one the oldest in Europe.

In the penintentiary also many prisoners were arrested forest home because of political criminal offences, in particular during the time of the national socialism and later in the time of the GDR.

General information

The penal institution serves the arrest of male 377 places are available in closed and 18 places in the open execution.


The mechanism was opened 1716 under August to the strong one. For the financing of the breed, poor and orphanage to forest home a twelfth of paying the first yearly became to retain again since 23 June 1710 of all employee state servants of cure Saxonia. This twelfth departure found also with paying extra pay on the amount of increase application.

As a first female prisoner Sophie Sabina Apitzsch sat in, which in the year 1714 as a Saxonian cure prince had spent itself.

After striking down the March revolution from 1848/1849 several Saxonian Patrioten became, like e.g. Hermann Theodor broad head to penal servitudes of many years in forest home condemns. The writer and democratic August Peter served his punishment from 1853 to his pardon 1856.

The later author Karl May was from 1870 to 2. May 1874 in the penintentiary to forest home arrests.

While the time of the national socialism many persons for political reasons in the penintentiary forest home were arrested. Typical clamping coats were "hearing hostile broadcast transmissions and anti-fascist propaganda", "military force decomposition" and "preparation to the high treason". Thus the Frauenrechtlerin and Kommunistin Olga of grains were condemned 1933 to three years detention. The later KPD Parteivorstandsmitglied Josef whet-stone served here starting from 1934 an imprisonment because of high treason. The EH school CPU boy was condemned 1942 to lifelong penintentiary and became released 1945.

From April to June 1950 judges accomplished 3,385 shortened proceedings in the penintentiary forest home against presumed LV criminals. Only in four cases acquietals were issued, in 32 cases death penalties were imposed and in 24 cases executed. After today's view of the Federal High Court the Waldheimer of processes represented a "glaring abuse of the law for the penetration of power-politics goals" (BGH, Az. 5 STR 236/98).

See also: Penintentiary Brandenburg, penintentiary Zwickau


  • Johannes W.E. The health service and health conditions of the breed, orphan and poorhouse and later breed and correction house in forest home (Saxonia) since its establishment in the year 1716 to 1900. Leipzig (institute printering forest home) 1942.
  • Martin Habicht; Penintentiary forest home 1933 - 1945: Prison conditions and anti-fascist fight. Berlin: Dietz, 1988, ISBN 3-320-01204-5

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