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Constantino Paul Castellano (* 20 June 1915 in Brooklyn; "† 16 December 1985 in Manhattan) was a Mafiaboss in New York to the Gambino family, one the largest New Yorker Mafiafamilien, belonged. It was executed 1985, on instruction by John Gotti, the "Steakhouse Massacre" so mentioned with.

Paul Castellano was born in Brooklyn, where he began also his criminal career. 1934 it was arrested for the first time for an armed assault. Since he betrayed its both accomplices, he got however only one detention of 3 months.

Castellano became after the death of the head of the Gambino of clan, Carlo Gambino, a new boss of the family. It is maintained that it wanted to lead the Mafiaclan like an enterprise and its connections until Kuwait expanded. Due to the changes, which it accomplished within the organization, revolted some the members against Castellano; it however never came to an assassination attempt.

Into the early 1980ern it came to ever larger tensions with John Gotti, likewise a member of the Gambino family. Gotti let Castellano and its again appointed deputy Bilotti shoot on 16 December 1985 before the Sparks steak House in Manhattan. There Castellano went eating each day during a process running against it. Gotti became Castellanos successor.

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