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A passport replacement is a document of identification, which fulfills alone or with a visa or a residence title for transnational travel justified and some, but not all functions of a passport.

After "§ 2 of the regulation on release from the passport obligation and for the regulation from official documents of identification as passport replacement (DVPassG) the following documents are certified as passport replacement for Germans:

  • Identity cards and provisional identity cards,
  • Child passports for children under 10 years without photo and for children over 10 to 16 years with photo,
  • Navigation books,
  • Documents of identification for inland waterway craft travel for boat operators and their relative for river shipping on the Danube
  • Licenses and crew documents of identification for line and charter flight personnel,
  • Documents of identification for the small frontier traffic and the tourist traffic,
  • Documents of identification, which entitle due to the European convention over the regulation of the passenger traffic between the member states of the Council of Europe to the border crossing,
  • Documents of identification for delegates of the parliamentary meeting of the Council of Europe and documents of identification for members and officials of the organs of the European communities,
  • Documents of identification, which entitle due to intergovernmental agreements to the border crossing,
  • Documents of identification, which are issued by the authorities and agencies responsible for police control of transnational traffic,
  • Documents of identification, which entitle exclusively to the entry into the Federal Republic of Germany.

Passport spare papers for foreigners must be recognized in principle after "§ 3 exp. 1 and "§ 71 exp. 6 of the residence law with reference to the respective individual sample, so that with them the passport obligation is fulfilled; so far the Federal Republic of the foreign owner however after your genuine or - agreement with a passport spare paper (if necessary with visa) enter to let must, applies these papers after "§ 3 for the residence regulation also without single acknowledgment as certified.

German passport spare papers for foreigners are after "§ 4 of the residence regulation:

  • Travel document of identification for foreigners,
  • Border crosser map,
  • Emergency travel document of identification,
  • Travel document of identification for refugees,
  • Travel document of identification for stateless people,
  • Pupil collecting list,
  • Certificate over the change of domicile,
  • Standard travel document for the feedback.

The conditions for exhibition are in "§"§ the 5 FF. the residence regulation regulated.

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