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The parents agency or the parents adviser is in usually legally given - co-operation organ particularly at schools and kindergartens, in addition, in other educational mechanisms.

in Germany

At all primary schools a parents agency must be selected according to the school law of the individual Lands of the Federal Republic. Also at many kindergartens Elternvertetungen are furnished. It is the agency of the educate-entitled the pupil of a school and/or the children of the kindergarten and participates in affairs, which for the school or the kindergarten are of general importance, advisory, in individual Lands of the Federal Republic also terminally. Thus it represents a democratic committee beside other possible forms of the parents participation, in that common responsibility for the organization of the life of the children and pupils. The Elternverteter works at it all honorary and free of charge.

To the tasks belong to the parents agency among other things:

  • to protect the interests the parents shank,
  • to advise over desires and suggestions of parents,
  • to participate in the consultation of the school forum,
  • to participate in the determination of a name for the school or the kindergarten.

The head master informs the parents agency and/or the adviser about all affairs, those for the school of general importance is and gives all necessary information. To certain affairs the adviser must be belonged.

This say is noticed by selected parents representatives. It e.g. extends from detail questions of the school education and the school book selection over the house regulation and parts of finances.

The parents agencies of the individual schools are frequently in local and regional federations organized, which participate again as Landeselternschaften and a federal parents advice in the political forming of an opinion and are included of the responsible Ministries into the consultation for school organization.

The regulations can differ from Land of the Federal Republic to Land of the Federal Republic, details are for example in the laws over the educating and schooling and in school regulations regulated.


In the GDR the parents adviser was an every two years selected honorary representative body of all parents of the pupils of a zehnklassigen allgemeinbildenen poly-technical (POS) and extended high school (EOS).

Into the parents advisers however only parents were selected, who supported the socialist education and educating work actively. In the initial years of the GDR steered committees combination of the friends of the new school until 1951 at the schools of the SED, which built themselves up arbitrarily, worked. Only by the regulation from 12 April 1951 parents advisers were created, whose choice again election commitees prepared.

After the parents adviser regulation from 7 January 1961 the parents adviser had the task to promote and direct the readiness of parents for the cooperation with the solution of school and except-school tasks. To the parents adviser representatives of the godfather enterprise, the DFD, the pioneer organization and/or the FDJ, the teacher belonged to the school and the responsible committee of the national front beside the selected members.

The parents adviser could educate temporary or constant commissions for certain tasks. In the individual classes functioned class parents asset for the support of the class leader. The work of the parents adviser was accomplished by its executive committee on the basis of a schedule co-ordinated with the director and/or the class leader and parents, which was valid for one school year in each case.

The parents adviser should wake the readiness of parents to improve the material equipment of the school. A further task consisted of providing for a good quality of the school supply which was regarded as an important measure within the framework of the sociopolitical program.


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