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Paolo di Lauro was of end of the 80's up to its arrest in September 2005 neapolitanischer Camorraboss. He lived in the neapolitanischen quarter of Secondigliano. Camorra the neapolitanische mafia is called, who exists only in the Italian region Kampanien. Up to its arrest one half million euro earned di Lauro approximately in the month, which it accumulated particularly by its activity in the cocaine and arms traffic. 2003 delivered di Lauro due to its advanced age the guidance of the clan to its son.

2004 came it to a struggle for power into di Lauros family. This culminated in a gang war between the trailers of the son and the rebels, which are called Schissionisten. This Mafiakrieg led in the year 2004 to 150 dead ones in Neapel. Only with the arrest of di Lauros son ended the struggle for power: Thus transferred the Schissionisten in the spring 2005 power to Neapel.


In September 2005 it succeeded to arrest the police by a reference of a neapolitanischen trailer of the Schissionisten di Lauro in its hiding place in Secondigliano. The informant was disfigured found some days later dead and.

After last reports Carmine Bonanno is the momentary leader of the neapolitanischen Camorra.

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