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Panhard is considered as world-wide the oldest automobile mark. The first Panhard vehicles became as Panhard & Levassor vehicle 1890 in the Avenue d"┬┤Ivry in 13. Arrondissement built of Paris. The automobile possessed a central engine of the Daimler engine society. The designers Panhard and Levassor developed 1891 as the first a car with engine inserted in front. The drive took place by chain on the rear axle.

In the following years before the First World War luxury vehicles were built. This production was continued in the time up to the Second World War. The valveless slidegate valve engines were typical. Already early production was taken up by armoured vehicles. This was continued until today, approximately with the Blind

After that 2. In addition world war beside trucks small, but technically interesting automobiles with air-cooled two-cylinder double-piston engine and the first passenger car body from aluminum, manufactured in series, were built.

After the French company Panhard had taken over 1955 to a portion of 25%, later the fusion of the two companies took place. In the year 1967 the last Panhard automobile was built.

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