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The Pampa Bulldog is an Argentine license reproduction of the world-wide well-known agricultural tractor Lanz Bulldog.

The Pampa became at first of the I.A.M.E. (Industrias y del Estado), a national aircraft factory, manufactured. 1955 were renamed the company in D.I.N.F.I.A. ( Nacional de Fabricaciones e Investigaciones ).

Due to the bad supply at agricultural devices and the bad trade relations with the United States tractors were particularly goods in short supply. Therefore the former president of Argentina Juan decided to build within three months its own tractor in Argentina. assigned some experts to ask farmers in Argentina which tractor was the most reliable and simplest. The choice fell by the majority on the Lanz Bulldog. A majority of the three-month period had already run off however after the end of the inquiry. One decided thus to import two Lanz Bulldog. One of the two was completely divided and given to enterprises to the Nachfertigung. With the other one one exchanged only the tubing of the Bulldog for its own out with the signature "I.A.M.E. PAMPA - Industria Argentina" out and painted the tractor of the typical Lanzblau into a bright orange clay/tone over. The first Pampa Bulldog had developed and for kept its period as promised.

The first Pampa was built 1952, 1962 were finally produced production adjusted whereby two versions of the tractor:

  • The T01 corresponded accurately to the postwar Lanz Bulldog D1506 with an output of 55 HP from 10,5 litres capacity with well-known Einzylinder Zweitakt and roof Kant fenders.
  • The T02 had a something else Stehblech as well as shell-type fender. The achievement was indicated as 60 HP, in addition there were small changes at the brake system.

When to the fall 1955 the I.A.M.E was renamed in D.I.N.F.I.A., accordingly different tubing with the new inscription was used with the Pampa.

The number of built tractors is not by any means exactly well-known. Estimations result in that approx. 3500 to 4000 tractors was built.

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