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Pablo Escobar (* 1 January 1949 in Rionegro with Colombia, "† 2 December 1993 in was a Colombian drug dealer. By large-scale drug smuggling it became one of the richest men of the world. Generally it is regarded most inconsiderate and most brutal drug dealer, who ever gave it as one to the most powerful.


Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria was born as a son of a farmer and a teacher in Rionegro, where he in the Slums buildup. Already as a young person he stole gravestones and sold her again. Finally it entered into the cocaine trade and constructed in the 70's an enormous Drogenimperium. During its best years he is to have earned up to one million dollar on the day. It was well-known as the "drug baron" of Colombia.

Although Escobar was arrested once with 19,5 kg cocaine, a process never became because of drug possession or drug trade against it opens, since it loading policeman under unsettled circumstances died. By murder threats also the judges were intimidated, who did not therefore even roll the murder trial up.

1982 could be selected Escobar as a delegate into the Colombian congress. Briefly after it it had its mandate however again placings, since publicly it admits became that he acts with drugs.

1984 he was a most successful cocaine dealer of the world, he had large parts of the cocaine market under control. Its largest profit he gained with cocaine smuggling into the USA, where cocaine could be sold about 4 times as expensively as in Colombia. Beyond that the cocaine before the sales was stretched and acted again at higher prices. Pablo Escobar accumulated a fortune of over 3 billion US Dollar, which secured a place in the list of richest humans of the world in the Forbes of magazines for him.

Escobar was also socially engaged: It financed hospitals, subsidized low-rent housings and schools and partially even enjoyed therefore under the poorest part of the population of its hometown a good Ruf.In embittered resistance against a law intended by the Colombian government for the distribution of drug dealers to the USA, led it at the point of the "Extraditables" (the deliver-cash) war against the state. It let hundreds of policemen, judges and state lawyers murder and covered the capital with a bloody bomb terror. A particularly spectacular bomb assassination attempt put the seat of the daily paper "El Espectador" in in rubble. Numerous kidnappings of members of the public life in Colombia, frequently with fatal outcome, go on Escobars account. For its own protection it engaged bodyguards and maintained a large number of Sicarios (order killer). The embittered enmity of the Colombian police acquired itself Escobar with a head money each policeman in killed of 500-1000 dollar for.

Pursuit Escobars by the State of Colombia was intensified, when 1989 the presidency candidate of the liberals a party Luis Carlo Galan, which had announced an intensified offensive for the case of its choice against the Drogenmafia, while an election meeting in Soacha, a suburb by one murdered.

After peace negotiations Escobar explained finally 1991 an armistice and placed themselves to the police. With its body guard he, as with the negotiations constituted, came into the prison La Catedral particularly established for him, in the proximity of its place of residence Envigado. After several scandals (ua. Escobar drug dealer let come into the prison and murder there) wanted it the government into another prison to shift, whereupon he took flight.

In this time Escobar lost also the support by other groups of the trust. 1993 it shot after one of task forces of the delta Force (a military US special-purpose force) supported pursuit of a special-purpose force of the Colombian police ("Bloque de Busqueda") in with a jump from the window on a neighbouring roof. Its death was the final end of the trust. Before had it tries its family in a private jet to Germany to go on a trip. The Federal Government refused however the entry for the ethnic Germans Escobar family.

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