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Johann Christian God-dear Franz Otto Spamer (* 29 August 1820 in Darmstadt; "† 27 November 1886 in Leipzig) was bookseller and publisher for books and magazines in Leipzig.

After a theory with Eduard welfare in Darmstadt and unite years, in which he collected in Aschaffenburg and in Leipzig with weber professional experience, made myself it 1847 independent in Leipzig as booksellers. The revolution of 1848 struck it over Vienna into Turkey. After its return to Leipzig it needed some time, until its bookshop could gain again a foothold.

Its verlegerischer emphasis lay in the range of the family and people writings in such a way specified, as well as the child and youth literature, whereby it acted usually over plentifully illustrated expenditures.

Larger works, series

  • Illustrirte youth and house library
  • "Otto Spamers Illustrirte library the land and people customer for extension know-eat the foreigner"
  • Illustrirtes encyclopedia, comparative reference book for the daily use - house treasure for the German people and "Orbis pictus" for the studirende youth 1870-1882
    • Friedrich of light forest, cent ral Asia. Landscapes and peoples in Kaschgar, Turkestan, Kashmir and Tibet. Out of special consideration for of Russia efforts and its occupation of culture, 1875
    • Friedrich Christian man, Australia. History of the discovery and Kolonisation. Pictures from the life of the Ansiedler in shrubs and city, 2. Edition, 1880
  • F.G. Wieck, the book of the inventions, trades and industries, several editions:
    • 3. Aufl., F.G. Wieck, 2 parts in 3 volumes, 1857-1858
    • 4. Aufl., 4 volumes, 1859-1862, including Supplement volume number 1-6: The newest progress in the area gewerbl. Life u.d. Production
    • Supplement (the international traffic and its means) to the 5. Aufl., 1868
    • 2. Aufl. of the supplement, 1875
    • 7. Aufl., 1876
    • 8. Aufl., 9 volumes, 1889-1893
    • 9. Aufl., 10 volumes, 1896-1901
    • The book of the inventions, expenditure in a volume, draws up Dr. Iassar Cohn from Professor, 1901
    • 1. Swedish Aufl., Uppfinningarnas bok, 7 volumes (6 + supplement), 1873-1875, digital expenditure for facsimile

Other titles

  • Friedrich of grains, Illustrirte geographical pictures from Austria. In descriptions from nature, history, industry and people life, 1856
  • Heinrich Birnbaum, the realm of the clouds. Lectures on the physics of the air circle and the atmospheric features, 1859
  • Hugo scratch, Illustrirte chronicle of the German national war in the year of the German agreement 1870-71, 1872
  • Karoline Goepel, Illustrirte history of art. Migrations by D. Richly D. forming arts, on D. Because of their development. For D. riper dt. youth, especially f. Daughters formed of conditions., 1879 dargest
    • (Late also in Illustrirte youth and house library)
  • Otto von Leixner, Illustrirte history of the German Schriftthums in representation, 2 volumes, 1880-81
  • Otto von Leixner, Illustrierte history of the strange literatures, 2 volumes, 1882-83
  • Otto Kaemmel, Illustrirte history of the more recent time, 2 volumes, 1883
  • Johanna of Sydow, the book of the housewife. Mitgabe for women and virgins for the reason of the house as well as to the safety device of domestic prosperity and comfort. In accordance with the requirements of the present, 1884 prepare

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