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Otto Schulmeister (* 1 April 1916 in Vienna; "† 10 August 2001) is considered even there as Doyen of the Austrian journalism and was editor-in-chief as well as publisher of the Austrian daily paper the press.


Otto Schulmeister is born as a son of a government advice in Vienna. After the placing of the Matura it studies political science and social economics in Vienna.

It begins its journalistic career as an unsalaried employee with the trade journals southeast echo and European cable.

Schulmeister is drawn to the war service and turns out into British shank, from which he will dismiss 1946.

Ernst Molden gets Schulmeister first to the week press, which is connected closely with the press. This changes however soon to sister sheet nearly its entire career over remains a Schulmeister at the press, for which he is active as a foreign policy editor starting from 1946 and which it coins/shapes in substantial measure. 1963 it finally ascends to the deputy editor-in-chief, 1961 will it for editor-in-chief and stands until 1976 at the point newspaper after its retires as an editor-in-chief remains Schulmeister as a publisher of the press from 1976 to 1989.

Apart from his work with the civil sheet Schulmeister from 1947 is to 1968 also co-editor and director/conductor of the editorship of word and truth.

Beyond that functioned the father of six children as a co-editor of the historical-sociological compilation Spectrum Austriae and the book of pictures Imago Austriae as well as publisher of the letters to the Austrians.

Schulmeister is considered to the most important as one, in addition, kontroversiellsten editors-in-chief of the post-war period.

One of his sons, Paul Schulmeister, is likewise a journalist with the ORF, where he is main as foreign correspondent in Germany.


  • Otto Schulmeister: The future of Austria, 1967;
  • Otto Schulmeister: The world, which we leave, 1970;
  • Otto Schulmeister: The exhausted revolution, 1978;
  • Otto Schulmeister: The second connection, 1979;
  • Otto Schulmeister: Emergency Austria, 1995.

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