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Otto Paulmann (* 1899 in Dedeleben; "† 9 December 1986 in Weinheim at the mountain route) was a German bookseller and publisher.


At the age of 23 years Otto Paulmann in Wernigerode created one publishing house and six years later, 1928, a bookshop in the market route, which it shifted later into the width road 32. In the Second World War it participated as a soldier, whereby it was wounded in Russia. 1952 it left Wernigerode and established themselves in Weinheim at the mountain route, where it opened again a bookshop.


In the publishing house of Otto Paulmann appeared among other things:

  • Schulken: O of valleys far - o heights! Moving immune gene and poems. 1925
  • Ludwig would ask: Verschollenes fate. Stories from the resin. 1927
  • Fritz Bley: Game cats. An animal history from the resin. o. J. [approx. 1928]
  • The history of the city Weinheim., 1962
  • Defner calendar

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