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Otto Lueger (* 13 October 1843 in Tengen, bathing; "† 1. May 1911 in Stuttgart) was a German engineer.

To its study at the polytechnic institute in Karlsruhe it went to study purposes into Europe on journeys. Starting from 1866 it was active with the water companies in Karlsruhe, starting from 1871 with those in Frankfurt/Main. Starting from 1874 it led Frankfurt civil engineering inspectorates, later from Freiburg in mash gau.

Starting from 1878 it was active as a free engineer in Stuttgart and built mainly water companies, among other things in Baden-Baden, Freiburg in mash gau, Pforzheim and Lahr.

Starting from 1895 he was an extraordinary professor, starting from 1903 tidy professor for hydraulic engineering method at the technical university Stuttgart.

Lueger was the first publisher of the encyclopedia of the entire technology, which appeared in several editions.


  • The well line of the city Freiburg. Build 1873-76. A representation of coming off, the execution and the enterprise the same, Freiburg in mash gau the 1879
  • Theory of the movement of the groundwater in the alluvions of the river basins, Stuttgart 1883
  • The water supply of the city Lahr, Lahr 1884
  • The water supply of the cities, 2 volumes, 1890, 2. Edition 1908
  • Encyclopedia of the entire technology (publisher shank)
    • 1. Edition, 7 volumes, 1894-1899
    • 2. Edition, 8 volumes, 1904-1910, posthume supplements 1914 and 1920

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