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Otto Buchinger (* 16 February 1878 in Darmstadt; "† 16 April 1966 in was a German physician and founder of the Buchinger Heilfastens.

Otto Buchinger was born 1878 as a son of an official in Darmstadt. To the medicine study and its graduation he went as an army surgeon to the navy and experienced in this function the 1. World war also. Later it called itself than Pazifist, probably straight because of this experience. 1917 got sick to Buchinger at an almond inflammation, which was not correctly out-cured and therefore to heavy rheumatism in the joints led, probably rheumatism tables a Arthritis. A welfare method for this was not at that time well-known before the introduction of the antibiotics. 1919 underwent the physician of a nearly chamfering cure by way of trial with a colleague in Freiburg - with success. That is actually to be interpreted as reference to a metabolic disturbance, because this can often be affected by the nutrition.

After sound-follow dedicated themselves to Buchinger above all the alternative naturopathy and studied the existing literature to the topic chamfered in detail. The service at the navy it had acknowledged 1918. In July 1920 it created its own chamfering hospital, the cure home Dr. Otto Buchinger, which moved 1935 after bath Pyrmont then in joke living. 1935 it published then its most important work with the title the welfare-chamfered and its auxiliary methods, which is again and again again presented since then.

Buchinger justified the effectiveness of the Heilfastens with the fact that the organism are cleaned and the self healing forces are activated. It used for it the term removal of slag and encountered thereby the criticism of other medical profession, who held the opinion, the body deslags itself regularly automatically - a view, which will represent from the school medicine invariably until today.

Buchinger ranked also among the trailers of the life reform, whereby he saw the emphasis of his therapy in nutrition and motion. He generally rejected alcohol and tobacco consumption as harmful. In addition, it considered a "internal hygiene" important as well as the formation of the spirit. As "mental food" it recommended for example Biblical Psalmen or the works of Goethe and Rilkes to its patients.

Buchinger died 1966 at the age of 88 years. Its hospital in bath Pyrmont was resumed by its son Otto Ferdinand Hermann Buchinger, his daughter Maria created 1953 a further Buchinger hospital in

Publications (selection)

  • The welfare-chamfered and its auxiliary methods (1935)
  • Become healthy - remain healthy by the welfare chamfering cure (1952)
  • From the naval physician to the chamfering physician. Metamorphosis of a moving (1955)


  • Helmut Klepzig: Otto Buchinger: a life for the welfare-chamfered, Gessler publishing house, Friedrichshafen 2000, ISBN 3-86136-055-1

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