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Otto "Abbadabba" Berman (*1889 in New York town center; "† 24 October 1935 in Newark) was a well-known Mafia accountant of the Prohibitionszeit, which arrived in particular because of its ability at the falsification from invoice books to doubtful fame. Sufficiently the utterance well-known from various gangster films, "it is not anything personal, only the business ", is from it to originally come.


Berman was born under the name Otto Biederman as a son of Jewish immigrants.

In the age of 15 years he came with the law into conflict and because of an alleged tried rape was for the first time arrested. It was however acquitted by this reproach. Later it seized the occupation of the accountant, for whom it was particularly suitable due to its gift for numbers. It was able to solve complex mathematical equations within seconds in the head.

When regular participant to New Yorker night lives became acquainted with Berman the author Damon Runyon, with which he itself made friends. This took Berman as collecting main for the character Regret recurring arising in its works. On the occasion of the filming of Runyons history Little measure markers Berman by the urgent representation of the character actor Lynne Overman a monument one set.

Into the 1930er years followed Berman finally the underworld and became an accountant and advisor of the notorious New Yorker gangster Dutch Schultz, to which the so-called "Kosher Nostra" was added. In the evening 23 October 1935 participated Berman as well as two other members of the gang of the Dutch Schultz as well as this in a common meeting in a restaurant in Newark (new jersey). During this meeting suddenly some heavily armed men the restaurant stormed. The order killers probably acting on instruction of Lucky Luciano opened immediately the fire on Dutch Schultz and its men. Berman was met by several projectiles and hurt heavily. It still lost at the place of the over case consciousness and succumbed some hours later in a hospital in Newark to its injuries.

In that to 1989 published and novel Billy Bathgate of E, excellent with the PEN/Faulkner Award. L. Doctorow later steps Berman than wise advisor of the main character in the role of the anti-hero into feature.

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