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Oto Melara S.p.A. is an Italian arms enterprise of the Finmeccanica group. The enterprise builds in La Spezia and Brescia of armoured vehicles, cannons and rockets. It is one the manufacturer of ship cannons, leading world-wide. Also the German navy is for a long time one of the regular customers of the company.


The enterprise was created in the year 1905 under the name Vickers Terni. In the First World War it built starting from the caliber 40mm for cannons and cannons. 1929 were changed the company name in "Odero Terni Orlando", therefore also the abbreviation "OTO". During the Second World War mainly heavy ship cannons were built. Immediately after the war the enterprise tractors and other civilian products produced. 1953 took place the change of name in "Oto Melara". One concentrated quite soon the production of military products and had with the mountain howitzer model 56, calibers of 105/14 mm, a first export hit. In the years after the enterprise became because of its excellent ship cannons admits (particularly 76/62 mm), which were installed by 53 marine ones on over 1.000 warships. With the land systems Oto Melara with Fiats and IVECO cooperates. The Finmeccanica enterprise Breda from Brescia was taken over completely some years ago. Therefore some products have the name "OTOBreda" within the range of the land systems.


Sea-based systems

  • 127/54mm "Compact" and "Leightweight"
  • 76/62mm "Compact" and "super rapidly"
  • 40/70mm "single (nearly Forty)" and "twin (nearly Forty)"
  • 30mm "single (MCFS/SAFS)"
  • 25mm KBA
  • 12,7mm (tower)
  • "Albatros" air defense rocket system
  • SCLAR-H Decoy thrower
  • OTOMAT anti-ship missile
  • MILAS submarine defense rocket system
  • Ammunition of most diverse kinds and caliber

Land systems

  • Battle tank c1 "Ariete"
  • Armored infantry vehicle "Dardo"
  • Wheel battle tank B-1 "Centauro" 8x8
  • Wheel armored infantry vehicle "Centauro VBC" 8x8
  • Armoured vehicles "Puma" 4x4 and 6x6
  • Tank turrets "HITFACT" (120/45, 105/52)," HITFIST" (25, 30, 60mm), "HITROLE" (12.7 and 7,62mm)
  • Rocket system FASF SAMP-T (aster rockets) (with France)
  • Rocket system "Polyphem" (with Germany and France)
  • Air defense system "Skyguard/Aspide"
  • some other land systems how: Battle tank "OF-40", self-propelled howitzer "Palmaria", armored AAA vehicle "SIDAAM 25" (on M113) and OTOMATIC (on "OF-40" with version of the 76mm-Schiffskanone), among other things

Licenced production

  • 900 battle tanks "leopard 1" (Krauss Maffei)
  • 300 battle tanks "M60" (Chrysler)
  • 5.500 armored vehicles M113 in different versions (among other things own advancement VCC 1/2)
  • 70 self-propelled howitzers 2000 for the Italian army

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