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Otmar Issing (*27. March 1936 in peppering castle) is a German economist. As former chief political economist and a former board of directors member of the European central bank Issing was considerably involved in the draft of the monetary political strategy of the EZB.

Personal record

After the Abitur in peppering castle Otmar Issing began 1954 first a study of the classical philology at the University of peppering castle, 1955 changed it to the political economy. After foreign terms in London and Paris he put 1960 down at the University of peppering castle the exam and attained the conclusion as a diploma political economist. From 1960 to 1966 it was active as scientific coworkers at the university peppering castle. 1961 it closed its thesis over monetary problems of the economic policy in the EEC, 1965 habilitierte it with the work key currency and international economic system and attained themselves the Venia legendi for political economy.

1967 it was appointed as a director of the institute for international trade relations to the University of attaining Nuremberg. it changed 1973 on the chair for political economy, money and international trade relations at the University of peppering castle. it received a call to 1983 to the University of Konstanz, rejected this however. Further lehr and research stay led him among other things to the Philipps university Marburg, the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor as well as the International Monetary Fund in Washington, D.C.

From 1988-1990 it was member of the board of experts for the investigation of the overall economic development. From this committee it separated however in September 1990, when it became in board of directors of the German Federal Bank to appoint, where it took over the position of the chief people landlord.

Starting from 1 June 1998 it was one of six members in the board of directors of the European central bank (responsible for the central management "research" and "economics") as well as the chief economist of the EZB. Beside the president Wim Duisenberg it was appointed as only for the highest possible term of office of eight years, the appointment of the other board of directors members took place however uniquely graduated (4-7 years). Otmar Issing separated in May 2006 periodically from the board of directors of the EZB.

It is married and has two children.

Honors and prices

  • since 1991 fee professor at the University of peppering castle
  • 1996 the University of Bayreuth
  • 1998 the University of Konstanz
  • 1999 the Goethe university, Frankfurt/Main
  • 2003 international price of the Friedrich August von Hayek Donation


The scientific publications of Otmar Issing cover almost the entire range of current politico-economic questions.

The two main emphasis is the areas Geldtheorie and - politics as well as the international trade relations. Further Otmar Issing dedicated itself also to the dogma history of the political economy and again and again also the borders of the own field of activity exceeded, as the publications occupy money and ethics to the topic area.

  • Otmar Issing (1964), monetary problems of the economic policy in the EEC (thesis), Berlin: Duncker & Humblot
  • Otmar Issing (1965), key currency and international currency regulations (Habilitation), Berlin: Duncker & Humblot
  • Otmar Issing (1974), introduction to the Geldtheorie, Munich: Vahlen, 13. Edition 2003, ISBN 3-800-62993-3
  • Otmar Issing (1981), introduction to the monetary policy, Munich: Vahlen, 6. Edition 1996, ISBN 3-800-62098-7
  • Otmar Issing (Hrsg., 1984), history of the political economy, Munich: Vahlen, 4. Edition 2002, ISBN 3-800-62804-X
  • Erwin Dichtl, Otmar Issing (Hrsg., 1987), Vahlens large restaurant encyclopedia, Munich: Vahlen, (2. Edition 1994), ISBN 3-800-61698-X
  • Helmut Hesse, Otmar Issing (Hrsg., 1994), money and moral, Munich: Vahlen, ISBN 3-8006-1832-X
  • Otmar Issing, Vitor Gaspar, Ignazio Angeloni, Oreste Tristani (2001), Monetary Policy into the euro AREA, Cambridge University press, ISBN 0-521-78888-9

Otmar Issing was common with Erwin Dichtl of 1972 founders and (until 1990) co-editors of economiceconomics study, magazine for training and university contact (WiSt).

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