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Othmar stretch (* 1 October 1878 in Vienna; "† 8 July 1950 in new pin to the Lafnitz) was a Austrian political economist, sociologist and a philosopher, in the emigration starting from 1939 Swedish citizen.


Othmar stretch was as a lecturer at the University of Vienna and professor at the technical university in a representative of the Neuhegelianismus. It justified a universalism (universalistisch idealistische society teachings), that against rationalism, liberalism, materialism and marxism arranged themselves and demanded a re-organization of state and society on according to professional status basis Stretch was also publisher of the magazines life" and "magazine for national economy", why it was violently attacked in the National Socialist press.

1938 he was arrested and spent for four months into the concentration camp KZ Dachau. With physical abusing by the Gestapo it carried a durable Sehbehinderung off. After the release from custody it received training prohibition and emigrierte to Sweden. After end of war strove stretch unsuccessfully around a re-instatement; it was officially given time off 1945 and retired 1949, without to have again taught.

Stretch was married since 1906 with the Lyrikerin Erika stretch Rheinsch, with which it had the two sons Adalbert and Rafael.

The academic work in the sense Spanns is continued today of in Vienna the residents society for entireness research and by their published magazine for entireness research.


  • The main theories in the political economy, 1910; still available as expenditure of 1949 under ISBN B0000BO24T
  • System of the society teachings, 1914
  • Of the spirit of the political economy, 1919
  • The true state, 1921
  • Erring marxism, 1928
  • Main points of the universalistic view of state, 1929
  • Society teachings, 3. Edition, 1930
  • Historical philosophy, 1932
  • Holistic logic, 1932, still available from expenditure of 1958 under ISBN B0000BO24U

Literature over Othmar stretch

  • J. Hanns Pichler (Hg): Othmar stretch or the world as a whole, ISBN 3205051076
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  • Arnulf Rieber: From the positivism to the universalism. Investigations for the development and criticism of the entireness term of Othmar stretch, Berlin 1971, ISBN 3428024621
  • Walter cup: The view on the whole. The conception of the world Othmar Spanns, Munich 1988, ISBN 3800410958

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