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Oswald of Nell Breuning SJ (* 8. March 1890 in Trier; "† 21 August 1991 in Frankfurt/Main) was a catholic theologian, political economist and a social philosopher (see Christian social teachings).

Life way

As a son of an old-established aristocracy family in Trier born, he put 1908 down at the Friedrich William High School its Abitur. it occurred 1911 the Jesuitenorden. 1921 it was geweiht to the priest. Appointed after its graduation as the topic of "fundamentals of the stock exchange moral" with Joseph mouse brook in it 1928 as the professor for moral theology, church right and society science to the philosophical-theological university sank Georgen in Frankfurt/Main.

It was substantially at the development of the 1931 published Sozialenzyklika" Quadragesimo anno "from Pope Pius XI. taken part. In the time of the national socialism - from 1936 to 1945 - Nell Breuning had writing and publication prohibition. 1944 he is condemned because of alleged violations of foreign exchange regulations to two years penintentiary. Between 1948 and 1965 he was member of the scientific adviser at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and since 1956 university teachers at the University of Frankfurt/Main.

Beside Theodor Brauer, of letter, Gustav Gundlach, Paul Jostock, Franz H. Mueller and Heinrich Rommen he was member of the of circle at there Institut for society and economic system.

1981 he became honour citizen of the city Trier and 1983 in addition honour citizen of the city Frankfurt/Main.

At the philosophical-theological university sank Georgen 1992 the Oswald of Nell Breuning institute for Christian society ethics in the life one called, whose director/conductor of the renowned sociologists and Jesuit Friedhelm Hengsbach is. In there is a Oswald of Nell Breuning school, which is an integrated comprehensive school with gymnasialer upper stage. In Coesfeld, and in the bath Honnefer local part there are impudent ones a Nell Breuning Berufskolleg.

On 21 August 1991 dies Oswald of Nell Breuning in Frankfurt/Main at the age of 101 years. With more than 1800 publications it had a create-rich life.

To his numerous pupils the Netherlands sociologist Harry Hoefnagels and the German politician Norbert Bluem belong.

The city Trier assigns endowed Oswald of Nell Breuning price to one since 2003 every two years with 10.000 euro. Winner in the year 2003 was Paul Kirchhof. On 18 October 2005 old Federal Chancellor Helmut Schmidt was distinguished with the price.

Organizations and institutions

  • Nell Breuning institute
  • Oswald of Nell Breuning price
  • Oswald of Nell Breuning school
  • Oswald of Nell Breuning school (open brook at the Main)


  • Dr. Heribert small (Hrsg.): Oswald of Nell Breuning - uncompromising for humans. Life picture, meetings, selected texts. Stove he publishing house, Freiburg ith break 1989. ISBN 3-451-21483-0
  • Oswald of Nell Breuning, Hermann Sacher: To the Christian society teachings. Herder, 1947

See also

  • List of the honour citizens of Frankfurt/Main

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