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Oskar morning star (* 24 January 1902 in Germany; "† 26 July 1977 in Princeton, the USA) was common a Austrian economist and with John von Neumann of the founders of the game theory.


After its study in Vienna he was a director of the Austrian institute for market research and from 1935 to 1938 professor in Vienna. In the year 1938 he emigrated due to his Jewish descent into the USA, where he became a professor to the Princeton University and director of the Economic Research Program.

With their in the year 1944 The Theory OF Games and Economic Behavior published book justified Oskar morning star and John von Neumann the game theory.

In the year 1963 morning star as well as Paul F created. Lazarsfeld Institut for higher studies (IHS) in Vienna, which it also led until 1970. Later it turned back into the USA.

Publications (selection)

  • 1928 "economic forecast: An investigation of its conditions and possibilities"
  • 1934 "the borders of the economic policy"
  • 1935 "The Time moment in VALUE Theory"
  • 1935 "Perfect Foresight and Economic Equilibrium"
  • 1936 "Logistics and the Social Science"
  • 1944 "Theory OF Games and Economic Behavior" with John von Neumann
  • 1948 "and Theory Reconsidered"
  • 1949 "Economics and the Theory OF Games" (Kyklo
  • 1950 "on the Accuracy OF Economic Observations"
  • 1951 "Prolegomena ton of A Theory OF Organization"
  • 1954 "experiment and Large Scale Computation in Economics", Economic Activity analysis
  • 1956 "Generalization OF the of Neumann Model OF at Expanding Economy", with J.G. Kemey and G.L. Thompson, (Econometrica)
  • 1959 "The Question OF national Defense"
  • 1970 "Predictability OF stick Market Prices", with C.W.J. Granger
  • 1972 "Thirteen Critical POINTs in Contemporary Economic Theory"
  • 1972 "Descriptive, Predictive and normative Theory" (Kyklos)
  • 1976 "Some Reflections on utility", in Allais and Hagen (Hrsg.)
  • 1976 "Collaborating with of Neumann"
  • 1976 "Mathematical Theories OF Expanding and Contracting Economies", with G.L. Thompson

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