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Orciprenalin is active substance, which is used in the medicine and veterinary medicine. Orciprenalin is a synthetically produced Sympathomimetikum and can the heart frequency strongly increase. It works similarly as the adrenalin, without it leads however to so a pronounced blood pressure increase. Orciprenalin is usually used as emergency medicine with very slow heart impact.

The trade name for Orciprenalin in the FRG is .


Orciprenalin belonged to the Wirkstoffklasse of the benzene derivatives as synonym is used the name Metaproterenol.


Orciprenalin has the sum formula C11H17NO3. It possesses a molecular weight of 211,26 Dalton. In the connection with sulfate the sum formula reads: (C11H17NO3) 2*H2SO4Dann is the molecular weight 520,59.Der melting point lies with approximately 100"°C. Chemical formula see also


In former times there were also Alupent tablets. Meanwhile only the intravenous Darreichung is available. The 1 ml ampul contains 0.5 mg Orciprenalinsulfat. CAUTION: There is also an ampul infusion solution concentrate. This contains 5 mg Orciprenalinsulfat of the 10 in ml ampul, so that this concentrate may be given only diluted in the Perfusor.

Effect entrance and - duration

  • Effect entrance: under 1 min
  • Duration of effect: 2 - 5 min


Orciprnalin is a beta Sympathomimetikum. The heart impact is accelerated. It works:

  • positively inotropicly
  • positively chronotropicly
  • positively dromotropically

It increases the cardiac output. It leads to a Bronchodilatation. It can lead to a Vasodilatation.


In the Kardiologie and emergency medicine will Orciprenalin usually only in emergency with bradycardiac heartbeat disturbances related, in order to bridge the time up to the final cardiac pacemaker therapy. It is used also as remedy (antidote) when relative and absolute overdosing of beta blockers. Earlier application than asthma means was left because of the availability of selektiverer Antiasthmatika.

Application tabular:

  • Bradycardia (atropine resistant)
  • Absolute Bradyarrhythmie
  • Adam Stokes accumulation with heart stop or AV-block
  • Intoxication with beta blockers


With the following diseases Orciprenalin is not to be used or only with large caution:

  • Heavy Hyperthyreose
  • Hypertrophe obstructive Kardiomyopathie
  • Engwinkelglaukom
  • Fresh cardiac infarct
  • Heavy Koronare heart illness
  • Simultaneous administration of Diuretika and Digitalisglykosiden
  • Tachycardiac heartbeat disturbances
  • Myocarditis
  • Mitralklappenfehler
  • WPW syndrome

Side effects

Under Orciprenalin it can come to a strong acceleration of the heart impact and to the Extrasystolie. Whether a Vasodilatation with blood pressure drop or a blood pressure increase by the frequency increase arises is not in individual cases not to be foreseen and by Blutdruckmessungen controlled. In extreme cases one can release with the material also ventricular fibrillations. By the heart frequency increase one can release angina pectorisanfall. Allergische reaction at the skin with itching, Exanthem, Purpura and face edema can come to. At the muscles a Tremor can occur. Psychologically it can come to an unrest feeling. It can come with high dose to a blood sugar rise. Isolated it comes to anxieties, sleep disturbances and nausea.

Reciprocal effects

All other Sympathomimetika and beta MIME tables asthma means is strengthened by Orcipernalin in its effect and its side effects. With simultaneous gift of Diuretika and Digitalis increase extrasystoles and other heartbeat disturbances can to arise.


The dosage takes place after effect on the heart frequency. One gives usually with adults to 1 ampul slowly intravenously.


An ampul with 0,5 mg costs 2 euro to something.


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