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Operation Plumbat

When the Frenchmen supply 1962 no more uranium to the Israelis with, one looked for alternative sources. 1968 are bought approx. 200 tons uranium oxide (Yellowcake) by that by the Brussels company Gnrale of the Mineraux to ". To 17.11.1968 the uranium goes into Antwerp on board that of ship "Scheersberg A ", in order from there to Genova to be shipped. The owner Dan Ert (alias Dan Aerbel) was arrested 1973 in Norway and confessed member of the Mossad to be.

To 02.12.1968 "Scheersberg A dips " in the port of Iskenderun, of the crew is missing each trace.

After realizations of EURATOM the charge is to have been reloaded with Cyprus on an Israeli ship. Specialists assume it was an action of the Israeli secret services Mossad and Lekem.


The Thriller author Ken Follet used the material operation Plumbat as collecting main for a part of the action of its novel three-way (2003).



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