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Page modified: Tuesday, July 12, 2011 22:36:34

This article is occupied with some strange Erscheinigungen approximately around Linux and the concept of open SOURCE.

Linux strange things


Linux full detergent is a trade mark of Swiss AG. This fact was often taken up by the community around the computer software Linux with amusement. There was however also criticism to the use of the well-known software name. With Linux full detergent concerns it however obviously rightfully a registered registered trade mark, which Linus Torvalds does not hurt likewise made entry.


It is less well-known in the Linux Community that the Asteroid 9885 Linux was discovered on 12 October 1994 by Spacewatch and designated after the Linuxkernel. Furthermore further Asteroiden got names of prominent developers or open SOURCE projects with 9793 Torvalds, 9965 GNU and 9882 Stallman.

Satire against Linux

Even some private people seize to means, in order to divert humans of Linux. Whether this has however a use, is questionable, since the information on such sides is seized from air often only and does not correspond the truth.

Open SOURCE strange things

Here open projects are listed SOURCE, which the GPL is subject, but have nothing with the software development as such to do.

Open Cola

OpenCola is a Cola beverage with a singular characteristic: The prescription for production is freely available and by everyone modifiable. Everyone may manufacture and drive the beverage out license free of charge. As long as one adheres to the defaults of the GNU general Public License, one may also improve the prescription.

At present the OpenCola prescription in the version 1.1.3 is present. A view of OpenCola history shows however that at the prescription changed not much, but only the documentation to the prescription. This is understandable, because OpenCola was original only one sounding balloon, in order to explain the principle open SOURCE. Already in August 2004 already 150,000 doses had nevertheless been sold. Were manufactured the doses of in Toronto the residents OpenCola company.

See also: List of Cola marks

Open Music

Open Music is a synonym for music, which is produced in accordance with philosophies by open SOURCE.

Similarly as for open SOURCE, there are likewise various licenses, which permit, to copy and drive the music out freely and/or parts of a title for own - again free for open Music - works to use. Among other things those tries this style Swiss group of Yello however in unawareness of the GPL.

Open Beer

Open Beer is a Danish beer, which in accordance with open SOURCE rules one produces.

Under the GPL standing beer prescription. Version 1.0 is a medium strong (6% volume) beer with a red-golden color. It contains Guarana.

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