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Since 1 January 2003 there is a pledge obligation for one-way packages of beverages, which are offered traditionally in pledge bottles in Germany. The dose pledge in such a way specified extends thereby not only to beverage doses, but also to disposable glass container bottles and one-way PET bottles. The official designation reads therefore one-way pledge.

By 30 April 2006 there were different pledge systems, what led to the fact that the respective packing could be delivered only in certain business. Since that 1. All business with more than 200 Quatratmetern shop surface all beverage packing of the materials types, which sell it, must take May back 2006 also.



Basis for the introduction of the pledge on one-way beverage packing is the packing regulation, which was decided 1991 by the CDU/CSU/FDP Federal Government under the Federal Minister for environment, nature protection and reactor safety Klaus (CDU). The regulation was confirmed and amended 1998 by the Federal Government under the federal minister for environment, nature protection and reactor safety Angela Merkel (CDU).

After country widely the multi-path portion of beverage packing had sunk since 1997 under 72 per cent, the secretary of the environment at that time Trittin (alliance 90/Die the Green) led the one-way pledge to 01. Jannuar 2003. All beverage ranges were concerned, in which the portion of the returnable bottles is under the portion of 1991. These are beer, mineral water and refreshment beverages with carbonic acid. From the pledge obligation packing for milk, wine, sparkling wine, liquor and carbonic acid-free beverages was excluded. This led to the situation that for example for Alsterwasser the pledge was not introduced, because it is a beer mixing beverage for other mixing beverages such as Wodka/Lemon or Whisky/Cola however, because these rank among the liquor. While for water with carbonic acid a pledge was to be paid, quiet water was pledge-free.

Additionally to these contents-referred inconsistencies there were problems with the cancelling system, which were to be mediated to the public only with difficulty.

Since the trade was not prepared to tilt to tried last the pledge on legal way for the collection of the pledge to 01 January 2003, a transition period of nine months was granted, while of them had to accept the business only those packing, which had sold them. This was realized by the fact that one-way packages were again taken back only against the collecting main of the slip or a pledge mark. Since 01 October 2005 the business had to take also to packing back, which had not sold it. Instead of a politically demanded uniform pledge system by the trade different parallel running pledge systems were introduced. (see the different pledge systems)

With the entry into force of the third regulation for the change of the packing regulation to the 1. These different pledge systems are abolished May 2006 and all business with more than 200 square meters of shop surface must all beverage packing back of the materials types, which sell them, also take. Thereby all empty non-returnable bottles and doses can be returned everywhere, where one-way of the same material is sold. It is differentiated thereby according to plastics, glass or metal.

With the conversion of the new regulation the pledge obligation was expanded also since carbonic acid-free refreshment beverages and alkoholhaltige mixing beverages (Alkopops so esp. mentioned). Remain pledge free fruit and vegetable juices, milk and wine as well as ecologically favourable one-way beverage packing (cardboard packing, polyethylene bags and foil condition soil bags).

The controversy over the dose pledge

Retail trade and beverage industry had tried to last with complaints before the Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig as well as the Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe to prevent the introduction of the pledge.

Meanwhile the retail trade federations gave their resistance up and introduced on 1 October 2003 (first spring was planned 2003) a country wide cancelling system. Whereupon the retail trade federation had agreed with the automat manufacturers. In the apron by the trade associations was tried again and again to stop the introduction of a cancelling system and to break the agreement with the Federal Government, so for example in June 2003. As reason juridical insecurity was indicated. But nevertheless still another agreement was found two weeks later and the introduction of the system was decided. In addition, some supermarket chains decided to take pledge-requiring one-way packages from the assortment.

One argued also about the numerous isolated solutions.

The different pledge systems

The "Kassenbon system"

Since trade and industry to last had set on a legal or political prevention of the one-way pledge, no rechzeitigen preparations for the introduction of the pledge to the 1 became. Jannuar 2003 met. In order to be able to introduce the pledge nevertheless like planned, a transition period of nine months was granted, while of them had to accept the business only those packing, which had sold them. This was realized by the fact that one-way packages were again taken back only against the collecting main of the slip, an additional Pfandbons or a pledge mark. Due to this solution very pedantic for the customer, many doses and PET bottles were thrown simply into the garbage. According to an estimation of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs until Octobers 2003 450 million were not redeemed "€uro. (see: ) This so-called pledge slip remained less 16% value added tax in the retail trade.

P-system and VfW/savings system

Given on 13 June 2003 a first agreement of parts of the industry with the Federal Ministry of Environment for the setting up a federally uniform pledge system admits. To 1 October it should be possible now that the customers can redeem your one-way pledge with each retailer, who participates in the P-system so mentioned. With this system doses and non-returnable bottles were marked by a "P". Besides an electronically recognizable bar code was imprinted. The P-system was operated by the wholesale dealer Lekkerland Tobaccoland, which at approximately 70,000 small sales offices, as supplies gas stations and kiosks.

Apart from this system quasi as competition the VfW/savings system was introduced, which was operated by the VfW AG and in that the savings' group as well as some regional took part. Here further with a pledge coupon one worked, and the customer had to return further doses and non-returnable bottles as well as the coupon. This coupon was however - differently than so far - country widely uniform and at all participating sales offices was accepted. In the middle of April 2004 took part the Vfw AG in the P-system of Lekkerland Tobaccoland and introduced after a the P-system in the attached business. (see: ) According to own data the fussionierte P-system took about 10% off of the market. The remaining 90% remain at the large commercial companies, which - to take part instead of itself in a enterprise-spreading system - had realized isolated solutions so mentioned.

The isolated solution

The cancelling obligation was however limited to those packing, which corresponds to the kind, form and size of the packing, which is led in the business. Who sold for example only beer doses, had no Cola non-returnable bottles to take back.

This restriction led to the fact that some Discounter and supermarket chains (e.g. Lidl, Aldi, Rewe and pluses) introduced isolated solutions so mentioned, which are based on the restriction mentioned of the cancelling obligation. (see As in a business packing was only sold, in kind, form or size of the packing of other business to have differed, also only these packing had to be taken back in this business. By an individual bottle Design and labels with a Logo the enterprises could ensure that only the packing bought with you had to be taken back.

Apart from the two cancelling systems mentioned there are the "isolated solutions in such a way specified" the large Discounter, like Aldi, Lidl, pluses or REWE. These usually drive no branded articles, but own and/or trade marks out in special bottles recognizable from the form. The bottles will be able only of the respective Discounter sold and to be returned also only there. These isolated solutions of the Discounter become however starting from that 1." May 2006 by the new pledge rule invalidly, i.e. one can it then everywhere these bottles deliver and does not have any longer compellingly deliver, where they were bought before. Also these isolated solutions function country widely and without Kassenbon or pledge mark. There are further isolated solutions from different beverage manufacturers, for example of talks to bulletin and French mineral water

Exceptions for smaller business

Exceptions gives it for kiosks and small shops with a sales area of less than 200 square meters, in order to relieve the small business. These can limit the cancelling obligation to packing of the marks, which bring them in circulation. This corresponds to the regulation of the packing regulation. Who offers only beverage doses, needs no PET bottles to take back, or who only beer places of a manufacturer in the assortment has, does not need to take the packing back of the other manufacturers.

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