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On the way in dark castle is a computer game of roles, which was provided with the RPG Maker of the Japanese company Enterbrain.

General information

The play was published 2003 and spread over Freeware portals as well as computer game magazines. Within short time it developed to one of the most popular plays within the German RPG Maker scene beside "Vampires Dawn ".

UID, how it is also frequently called, received a multiplicity of prices, among other things it was distinguished of several Internet sides as "play of the yearly".

The author excluded, works a continuation according to own statement on a new play, that in the historical London 19. Century will play and the name "1899 London Gothic" will carry.


The beginning of the Fantasy scenario could classically not be: The hero Grandy awakes without memory in the midst of an God-abandoned forest area. The only reference to its identity is its name and a dog, which afterwards-run it and behave, as if belongs it to it.

In the process of the slowly starting action Grandy makes the acquaintance of the "thank-waits Dengelbrack ", which him, in former times the duke of this region to have been told, from who its title was robbed however by the Hinterlist of the Vampirs "Wahnfried by dark breaking into ". This Wahnfried governs the duchy dark castle for now 20 years with iron hand. Beyond that refers thank-waited for a woman named Libra, which is to have only recently visited it, and which likewise suffered from memory loss.

Grandy makes itself natural on the search for Libra, and already soon he appears in the midst of a resistance movement against the acting duke, who him again its to the heels attaches, which do not back-frighten before betrayal and Meuchelmord.

Characteristics of the play

While the action begins quite natively, it varies POINTs increasingly out, surprised again and again in the further play process with confusing Plot and does not frighten also before time manipulation paradoxes not back.

Although one moves on a given action strand, there are different possibilities individual problems to solve again and again. Beyond that are category-typically again and again hidden Side Quests, with which one details additional experience, useful articles or simply the sympathies prepared NPCs achieve can. Altogether the play world is very affectionately prepared - most objects can be clicked and provoked at least a comment of the play figure.

The diagram corresponds for instance to the standard in the middle of the 90's (super NES), which continues to disturb however due to the prettily arranged environments and many drawn, animated sequences not.

Remarkable is beyond that the abundance at quotations from literature and film. That begins with simple sayings, which one believes to have heard already elsewhere and culminates in whole episodes, which orient themselves obviously at well-known models. Thus one meets in the later process of the play for example a man, who einbalsamiert its nut/mother and, after he was transferred, with raised measurer in woman dresses on the Protagonisten falls himself.

Other plays with purchases to UiD

Exist one further play, which play before the same background, as well as two Parodien, which were likewise provided all with the RPG Maker:

Rebellion plays on the same continent. Beyond that some topics, which were only marked out in "on the way in dark castle ", are described more exactly - from this play so far only one demo exists with approx. two hours play time.

Vampires Deaf - a kind film running off, which persifliert beyond that the RPG Maker plays Vampires Dawn and Dreamland.

On the way in whispering castle - a Jump' n' run with the characters out "on the way in dark castle "; an action deviating strongly from the original is told in dialogue sequences between the individual Leveln.

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