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Olestra is a synthetically manufactured fat (see also fat sentence materials), which for example in potato chips application finds. Not therefore a popular fat set can be diminished from the body-own Lipasen and is. To the disadvantages of Olestra it belongs that the admission of important Vitamine is limited such as A, D, E, K or some medicaments. The effect on humans is likewise unknown, if this material would arrive by accident over the digesting system into the body.

Olestra was synthesized 1968 by researchers by Procter & Gamble. On 24 January 1996, after efforts for many years of the company, the US-American Food and Drug administration permitted the product for the first time to the use limited food, to certain Snacks such as potato chips or Tortilla chips.

Olestra of the Oktaester of Sacharose (Rohrzucker) with in the mixture existing Hepta, hexadecimal and still is chemical lower ester is by the way digestable and has thus also calories! The production takes place, as fats (esters of fatty acids with Glycerin) with methanol become converted (umgeestert). Develops Methylester of the fatty acids, which are converted again with Sacharose to Olestra.

It admits is also that the synthetic fat - there it is not taken up by the body - is completely again separated. With larger quantities it can therefore lead due to its sliding qualities to uncontrolled chair course.

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