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Louis "Lepke" book age (* 6 February 1897 in New York; "† 4. March 1944 in New York) was an American Mafioso from the surrounding field (today) of the so-called "Kosher Nostra".


Book age born as a child from Russia of zugewanderter Jews to the Lower East Side in Manhattan (New York). Later it became member of the Amboy Dukes, a road gang in Brownsville. After gang the Amboy Street lain in this quarter were called. On the roads of Brooklyn make friends himself he also with Benjamin "Bugsy "seal and Meyer Lansky. 1915 were gotten Lepke with a shoplifting and spent two years in a reformatory. To the dismissal it returned again to New York and earned themselves further with thefts its living costs. Of Louis book age shortly thereafter Jacob Shapiro became acquainted with, and they specialized together in extortions of owners of shop in the Lower East Side. 1918 were condemned book age because of a robbery to five years in the prison, which he in sing sing spent. After its dismissal it entered together with Shapiro 1923 into the business with the trade unions, this time as a member of a gang of Jacob Orgen. It murdered Orgen later, in order to take its place. Under book age guidance became the gang also as "Murder Inc." notoriously. Of Louis book age the most powerful Gangsterbosse of American history was promoted to one. To 4. March 1944 it in sing sing executed on the electrical chair, after one had condemned it because of two murders.

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