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Octanitrocuban (short ONC) is a chemical compound with the sum formula (C (NO2))8, which can be used as explosive.

Structural formula
General information
Other names-
Sum formula(C (NO2))8
CAS number-
Short description-
Mol mass464,132 g/mol
State of aggregationfirmly
Density1,979 kg/dm
Melting point- "°C
Boiling point- "°C
Steam pressure- Pa (x "°C)
Safety references
R and S-sentencesR: S:
As far as possible and common, SI-UNITs are used. If not differently notes, the indicated data apply with standard conditions.

Octanitrocuban was synthesized for the first time 1999 at the university of Chicago of the chemists Philip E. Eaton and Mao Xi Zhang. The molecule has a stand of eight carbon atoms, which form a cube. To each carbon atom a Nitrogruppe is bound. It is a derivative of the hydrocarbon Cuban (C8H8), with which the eight hydrogen atoms of the Kubans are replaced by a Nitrofunktion ever.

The structure high-energy of cube geometry as well as the balanced oxygen balance, which permit a reaction to carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen gas (N2) without further substances, represent one of the conditions for an explosive explosive.

Octanitrocuban is considered as the most effective conventional explosive. With the explosion temperatures of up to 6000 result "°C, at a pressure of nearly 30 GPa and a detonation speed of 10 km/s. from the high tension of the are however the production so that there is so far no technical application. Restrictivy it must be stated to this overall estimate however that still no experimental comparison to the unparalleled explosive explosive mixtures from tetranitromethane with hydrocarbons was made such as toluol (detonation speeds around the 9300 m/s) and the Panclastit (mixtures from nitrogen tetroxide with e.g. nitrobenzene or gasoline).

Heptanitrocuban will receive in an unusual reaction by Nitrosierung and following oxidation with ozone. The density amounts to 1.979 kg/l.


  • Applied chemistry 2000, 112 (2), 422 - 426.

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