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Obatzter, also Obatzda or Obazda ("Angebatzter", "pressing in slightly", "mixing") is a pikante Bavarian cheese cream, which is served at the bread time. In Franconias it is called plucking or putting on.

Original the Obatzte was probably mainly for remainder utilization and for again tastily making old cheese remainders, in particular from soft cheese such as Camembert. For production gives many different prescriptions.

A variant is manufactured with ripe - up to overripe - Camembert and other soft cheese, as well as potting (quark) and than spice mainly Paprika, depending upon taste also still e.g. or bulbs.

Another prescription for the Obatzten consists of ripe Camembert, which is converted with schaumig agitated butter, very fine-chopped bulb, salt, pepper, much Rosenpaprika, and something white beer to a cream. For stronger variants one can add still Limburger or Romadur, moderates and becomes easier he by the addition of quark or Served the court is covered with fresh chives, in addition rye bread, radish and in spirals or disks of cut Radi (radish). In old Bavaria also gladly beer is added to the prescription, in Franconia wine. In Bavaria the Obatzte belongs to the classical beer garden courts.

Obatzter should be eaten on the day of the preparation, since the bulbs develop otherwise a bitter taste. If they are before, it keeps somewhat longer and tastes moderates.

In Hessen Hesse is prepared similarly with Limburger, Mainzer or Harzer cheese. In the Austrian and slowakischen kitchen there is one in distant comparable cheese cream, the Liptauer.

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