Nuclear power station Zwentendorf

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The nuclear power station Zwentendorf in Zwentendorf at the Danube (Lower Austria) is a nuclear power station never gone into enterprise, which became the largest investment ruin of the Republic of Austria.

The building decision for the nuclear power plant Zwentendorf became of the Federal Government among chancellors Kreisky to 22. March 1971 pleases. Was planned a boiling water reactor with 730 megawatts achievement for the one budget of 5.2 billion Schilling (377.9 millions euro) was intended. On 4 April 1972 with the building one began.

The energy plan of the yearly 1976 planned then the building of altogether 3 atomic power plants in Austria. After the establishment nuclear power plant of the Zwentendorf rejected the population however on 5 November 1978 in a popular vote with a breath-thin majority of 50,47% start-up. The popular vote led to violent discussions, since this tuning was strongly to the person of the Federal Chancellor at that time Bruno Kreisky bound, since it wanted to withdraw in case of a vote against the power station. By the March 1985, in which “quiet liquidating “nuclear power plant of the Zwentendorf was decided, it cost altogether 14 billion Schilling (1 billion euro), 600 million Schilling (43.6 millions euro) of it purely for the maintenance necessary had been.

The reactor the power stations union is of the same type as the reactor in the nuclear power station he with nuclear fuel was however never loaded. Today the plant serves as a spare part donor for identically constructed power stations.

Until 2001 a Gendarmerieschule was accommodated in the administration building. In the year 1999 the area served also as venue of the Nuke of music festival.

In the consequence the Nichtinbetriebnahme led to the atomic check law, after whatever in Austria in the future no atomic power plants without popular vote may be built. This law was intensified 1999 by the “Federal Constitution law for a atomic-free Austria” (condition rank).