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The Nucleus more ruber is a core of the Mesencephalons. On a cross section he is macroscopic with humans as larger to see rounder, reddish colored core. The colouring results from the high Eisengehalt in the Perikaryen.


The Nucleus more ruber divided into:

  • Pars magnocellularis: It consists of large cells and forms evolutionary the older part.
  • Pars parvocellularis: It consists of small cells and forms the larger part of the core.


The Nucleus more ruber is an important Schaltstelle in the motor system. It project with its Efferenzen in back Marks and supplies thereby an important part of the extrapyramidalmotorischen system (EPS). It exerts influence on the muscle tonus and the body attitude.


The Nucleus keeps impulses more ruber from:

  • Cerebellum
  • Colliculi of superiores
  • Gyrus praecentralis
  • Pallidum
  • Thalamus
  • Nuclei of vestibulares


The Nucleus more ruber indicates Efferenzen off:

  • Tractus rubrospinalis
  • Tractus rubroolivaris
  • Tractus rubrotectalis
  • Tractus rubrothalamicus


A lesion of the Nucleus more ruber with humans causes a Intentionstremor and a reduction of the muscle tonus on the against-lateral side. Further choreachoreatisch athetotische movements can occur. With not Primaten usually against-lateral paresis (Hemiparese), possibly with course disturbances as well as disturbed attitude and position reactions arise.

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