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Norbert Haug (* 24 November 1952 in Grunbach, Baden-Wuerttemberg) is a German journalist and engine haven boss of Mercedes Benz.

The beginnings as a journalist

Haug began its career 1973 as an unsalaried employee with the "Pforzheimer newspaper", changed then 1975 as a journalist to the engine press publishing house in Stuttgart. One year later he becomes director/conductor of the department sport for the magazine car engine and sport. There he is appointed 1988 the deputy editor-in-chief.

Norbert Haug comes to Mercedes Benz

In the year 1990 then the change came to the Mercedes Benz AG, where it is appointed the new engine haven boss. At the beginning of its time with Mercedes Benz Haug cares for the employments in the group C and later also in the DTM as well as the ITC. In particular the DTM Fahrertitel of Klaus Ludwig in the years 1992 and 1994 as well as the DTM and ITC Fahrertitel of Bernd cutter from the year 1995 is the high points of the first years Norbert Haugs as Mercedes Sportchef.

The reentrance into the formula 1 also clean

Under the line Norbert Haugs enters Mercedes Benz after nearly 40 years again into the formula 1. First the Mercedes partner at that time Peter Sauber started the step into the formula 1 alone, on the cars of the season 1993 stands only for Concepted by Mercedes Benz. One year later, 1994 is called the team officially clean Mercedes. The heavy accident of Karl Wendlinger in training to the Monaco Grand Prix is the Tiefpunkt of the season. End of the yearly becomes the marriage between clean and Mercedes Benz divorced, the Swabia supports from now on the British McLaren team.

Successes in America

In addition, in the American IndyCar series Mercedes is successful. 1994 succeed it to aluminium ours jr. to win for Penske Mercedes the 500 miles from Indianapolis to. In the same year ours becomes jr. IndyCar master.

World champion title in the late 90's

After two victoryless years it succeeded to the McLaren Mercedesalliance 1997 to bring several victories in. In this year McLaren Mercedes drove for the first time in the silver arrow Design. Directly with the season prelude David Coulthard could win a first running of a modern silver arrow in Melbourne. 1998 and 1999 Mika for the team formula 1 world champion became, 1998 could one additionally the technical designer world championship win.

The door from America

While it went into Europe uphill, it went into America downhill. After the IndyCar title 1994 of aluminium ours jr one became gradual more badly. 1999 succeeded only a victory, in addition the deadly accidents of the Mercedes drivers Greg of moorlands and Gonzalo Rodriguez came. At the end of of 2000 one terminated the America commitment.

The revival of the old DTM

In the late 90's Mercedes Benz again wrote the DTM out together with the Adam OPELs AG and AUDI for the year 2000. In the years 2000, 2001 and 2003 it succeeded to Bernd cutter again to become DTM masters. In the year 2005 it succeeded to Haug in addition to fetch the double formula back 1 world champion Mika into active racing.

Low in the formula 1

After one became 1998 and 1999 formula 1 world champion, one had chances in the year 2000 also again on the world championship, lost her however to the season end against a ever more strongly becoming Ferrari team around Michael Schumacher. After Mika end of 2001 terminated its formula 1 career, about at the same time the death of engine engineer Paul Morgan and the removal of the team came into a new factory. In the years 2002 to 2004 the team could win altogether only four running. Nevertheless Kimi had 2003 up to last running chances on the driver world championship, could it however not win.

The reclimb 2005

In the season 2005 McLaren Mercedes could win again regularly. The car was the fastest in the field, in addition, very unreliable. Into Brazil the driver world championship went at Fernando Alonso, with the season final into China went also the technical designer world championship at Renault. Kimi could obtain altogether seven season victories. After Alain Prost, which obtained 1984 and 1988 likewise in each case seven of season victories (with only in each case 16 running), is Kimi only the second pilot in the history of the formula 1, which could not become with seven season victories world champions.

Haug drove to running in the Porsche Cup already and knows the scene thus both and drivers, managers and observer (journalist). It is married and has a daughter.

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