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By the noiseless war financing one understands the war financing of the national socialists in 2. World war. The state taxed away thereby a part of the assets with savings banks and banks and used it for the payment of national orders, in addition, to the purchase of weapons and other war material.

The population did not feel anything from these procedures. The state was to blame for itself appreciably with the banks. These compulsory loans were recompensed with 4%. Since there were not enough products for purchase, the surplus money (purchasing power overhang) was invested again with the banks. Here it could be taxed away again if necessary by the state.

This cycle functioned however only up to the summer 1944. The military setbacks let the confidence of the Germans shrink and it strengthen capital paid in at the bank switches back-demanded. These demands could not serve the banks however so easily, since the money was lent to the state and was used for military equipment, which was destroyed to the majority. Due to its one rose over to the financing over the Notenpresse, thus printing notes, which led to a very high hidden inflation.

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