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Noble mould individual mold fungus kinds are called, which do not make a food for humans ungeniessbar, but it revaluations.

Noble mould cultures are used for example with the production of Sojasauce. The scientific name of the kind of mold fungus used thereby reads Aspergillus oryzae.

Also with the production of mould cheese cultures are used by mold fungi, approximately for blue mould cheese places the Gorgonzola of the Penicillium gorgonzola, for Roquefort of the Penicillium roqueforti and for Camembert and Brie of the Penicillium camemberti or the Penicillium candidum.

Likewise mushroom cultures in the wine preparing play a role, see also noble rot.

Also in the sausage production one uses noble mould cultures. With the Hungarian salami there is even two different mold fungus variants: First a bluish green mould, which is replaced with more increasingly ripe ones the sausage from a white mould. This lends its characteristic whitish color to the salami skin.

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