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Nile (* 24 October 1906 in "† 13 October 1965 in Lund) was a professor for management economics.


Its diploma as commercial teachers it received 1928 at the Handelshochschule and was active thereafter about ten years as commercial teachers at different schools. He, again for approximately ten years, was later lector of the technical High School in and parallel taught he account systems at the University of Lund. Its graduation took place 1950 at the Handelshochschule where it the first doctor in the range economics received. Its thesis read Inkomst och Utgiftsbgreppen i och (income and expenditure terms in the come-ralistic and commercial record keeping),1951 it as a successor of Oskar to that the Handelshochschule Stockholm was appointed. After the management economics at the universities were introduced to Sweden, it was appointed 1958 to the University of Lund. In the winter semester 1964/1965 he was a guest professor at the University OF Illiois (Urbana) actively.


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