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Niklaus Vintler (* around 1345; "† 1413) were enrich citizens of Bozen and most important members of the early Vintler.


Niklaus was the son Konrad of the IITH Vintler and the Agnes. Niklaus Vintler might be born around 1345. Since 1367 it appears frequently in the documents. At the time at that time the Vintler already possesses several buildings in the city. Niklaus Vintler dressed IIITH important offices in Tirol under duke Leopold, then he was office man to the Etsch and since 1373 judges of Gries. Starting from 1374/1375 Vintler managed the holy spirit hospital of Bozen and had thus a clear weight in the town councillor von Bozen.1385 acquired it together with its brother Franz the lock Runkelstein. Starting from 1388 it let all areas of the castle and also the Burghof with lay Fresken paint there. The good relationship, which had Niklaus Vintler to duke Leopold III., continued also after its death 1386 under its son Leopold IV. 1392 are appointed Vintler from the duke to the highest office man in Tirol. At the beginning 15. Century dressed Niklaus Vintler the office of the male nurse of the castle Reinegg and the court Sarnthein. To starting from 1406 the duke governing in Tirol Friedrich with the empty bag could not develop Niklaus Vintler so good relationship, although on 14 September the duke the Niklaus Vintler of goods and yards shifts 1407 in Durnholz in the Sarntal, as pledge for 1.535 Dukaten, which he had borrowed to the duke. Niklaus involved itself however into financial it in the first decade 15. Century the calamity became. The most powerful aristocrat in the country, Heinrich V. of gang castle, had borrowed duke Leopold IVTH 5,000 Dukaten. For the of this amount the brothers had vouched Franz and Nikolaus Vintler the Rottenburger. Heinrich V. had died 1400 and its son Heinrich VI. of gang castle reclaimed to 1407 the borrowed sum of duke Friedrich with the empty bag, which she did not want to pay however. Therefore the Rottenburger adhered without loss to the possession of the Vintler and occupied among other things the castle Rendelstein with Bozen. Niklaus Vintler turned thereupon to the duke around assistance, on which this had to give the castle to Rendelstein the Vintler back. At the 11. March 1409 came it between the Rottenburger and the Vintlern to a comparison. In this the Vintler kept the castles Runkelstein and Rendelstein, offered however to hand over to the Rottenburger their pledge possessions if it left the endorsement letter over 5.000 Dukaten to them. Friedrich malfunctioned however its agreement to this comparison. It wanted to prevent under all circumstances that the Rottenburger still more pledge possession in its hand combined. May 1409 the duke Friedrich the Vintler on castle Runkelstein besieged this pledge possession meant Friedrich anyway to favour of the chamber, in order to prevent the delivery of the mortgage bonds at the Rottenburger. Thus it came at the 11. May 1409 to a discussion in Bozen. Niklaus Vintler received free escort from duke Friedrich. The duke settled the old debt of 5.000 Dukaten and confirmed to the Vintlern the possession of the self-goods, insisted however on the publication of the Pfandverschreibungen. The castle Runkelstein might not have been damaged during these incidents despite temporary FE storage.


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