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Nicolas de Fer (* 1646; "† 25 October 1720 in Paris) was one the prominent French Kartographen and map publisher outgoing 17. and 18 beginning. Century.


Nicolas de Fer was the youngest son Paris printer and map publisher of the Antoine de Fer. At the age of twelve years it began training as the Kupferstecher. After the death of its father in the year 1673 he transferred its publishing house, which took large upswing under its guidance within fewer years. De Fer created numerous Atlases and specialized in the publication from pressures to current events: Maps of courses of the border or again-conquered areas as well as maps of cities, which were removed by the French master of building of fortresses Vauban. De Fer profited from its good relationship to the French yard and became 1691 official geographer of the French Dauphin last, 1702 of the duke of Anjou - the later Spanish king - and the French king. The trade mark de Fers was the so-called royale ", a which is printed on numerous its publications. His Hauptwerk, the Atlas Curieux appeared for the first time in the year 1700 in Paris and experienced to 1717 numerous new editions. With its death in the year 1720 it left three married daughters. Its sons-in-law, the paper dealer Guillaume Danet and the Kupferstecher Jacques Besnard (also: ") resumed - everyone on own calculation - the business de Fers.


Flat villes de Londres et de Westminster et de leurs faubourgs, Paris 1700Le Canada, ou Nouvelle France, la Floride, la Virginie, Pensilvanie, Caroline"…, Paris 1702Cap de Bonne , 1705La Californie ou Nouvelle Canada, Paris 1720

Works (selection)

  • Les de France (1690)
  • La France Triomphante Sous le de Louis le Grand (1693)
  • Atlas Royal (1695 as well as several editions between 1699 and 1702)
  • Petit et Nouveau Atlas (1697)
  • Atlas Curieux le moons dans les cartes et you Ciel et de la Terre (1700-1705 and multiple new editions until 1717)
  • Atlas ou recueil de cartes dresses sur les nouvelles observations (1709 and numerous new editions)

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