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The play be based on the Black Sun engine, which was already developed in the year 2000, in order to represent the actual play Imperium Galactica III, from the Nexus finally came out. Due to increasing pressure and financial problems Publisher CDV let the project finally fall, after the play should be renamed first in Galaxy Andromeda.

Later the numerous results of the advanced project again one took up, this time by the Publisher Sierra. From the strategy play Imperium Galactica became thus a pure Sci Fi Taktikspiel. Substantial characteristics, which distinguished Imperium Galactica, like colony management, numerous aspects of a restaurant simulation, a research and a development as well as soil engagements were completely painted. Extremely high expectations of the fans the finished product thereby could not become fair unfortunately any longer, which resulted in an only moderate sales impact.

This play, one of the better representatives of its category, owing to its well told story, is nevertheless the very beautiful diagram and a high (modifiable) tactical requirement. In addition many variables in the play process are coincidence-generated. Which leads to the fact that the same mission can run with each start completely differently. In addition, this special characteristic led to some displeasure with the players, since sometimes the changes in the expiration can force partially very largely its, and to a restart of the mission.

To the play an editor is attached, it makes modifications relatively simple to provide. Although the play could not be sold in large numbers of items, numerous mission and Mods on fan sides (see Related links) are offered. Beside the category-usual "star Wars" - and "star Trek" - Mods also whole campaigns for the normal play were produced.

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