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NetHack is a Rogue similar computer game of roles.

Usually the language used within the play is Englisch.Das play becomes licensed under the Nethack general Public Licence, a variant of the GPL. Nethack is thus free software, the source code is freely available.

General information

It is an advancement of an earlier play named chops, which is even an advancement of the Urvaters Rogue.

The play owes its name NetHack of the fact that it is developed "over the net". NetHack is mostly played with a surface which is based on ASCII characters. Therefore one could play it e.g. on a CP/M computer with monochromem screen, after one had in-selected oneself with a 2400-Baud-Modem on a server, on which Nethack was installed. Nethack was portiert on many different operating systems.

Despite the possibility of playing Nethack also over telnet at a server it is a pure singles match he play. Since it is a real time play (the player can think arbitrarily for a long time about his next play course), is a multi-player mode not possible. It can occur only that one finds the corpse of a strange play figure and the articles, whom the other player up to the death of the play figure collected.

A goal of the play is it to find and the own God sacrifice "the Amulet OF Yendor", which was robbed by the bad Zauberer Rodney, in the depths Dungeon. The Dungeon consists of at least 40 levels, filled with hostile monsters, coincidentally generated in the predominant majority, magic articles and many other things.

After the Creation, the cruel god Moloch rebelled against the authority OF Marduk the Creator. Moloch stole from Marduk the most powerful OF all the artifacts OF the gods, the Amulet OF Yendor, and he hid it into the dark cavities OF Gehennom, the Under World, where he now lurks, and bides his time.
(From the introduction.)

One begins the play in company of a domestic animal, either a cat or a dog; one plays a knight (Knight) one by a Pony is accompanied. In the play process one can further monsters, some by feeding, some by magic. These zahmen monsters are very useful, not only are them in the fight a large assistance, them give referring to verfluchte (cursed) articles and help also with the shoplifting.

Nethack is however keins the usual Jump and run plays to compare but rather with chess: the player makes a course, then the monsters make a course in each case, and then the player has again arbitrarily long time, in order to think about its next course.

The range and play depth of NetHack are nearly unequalled: Hundreds individual articles, situations and monsters make sometimes extensive interactions possible with the play world. Some these interactions are fortunately rarely, e.g.:

"You case into A pit! You country on A set OF sharp iron spikes! --more--The spike were poisoned! The poison which deadly"… --more--DO you want your pos sessions " (This situation is then generally called with the acronym YAAD or Yet Another Annoying Death. If the playing is indebted, the acronym YASD, Yet Another Stupid Death, application finds.)

There is a phrase that the developer team, DevTeam thinks mentioned, of everything ("the DevTeam thinks OF everything") - each way of acting, which one can invent for the play figure, has the DevTeam probably already durchdacht and into the play in-programmed an appropriate reaction.

A simple example: If one tries to dip a charm tank into itself, then one receives the following message: That is A potion bottle, emergency A small bottle!

Or if one too many things with itself dragged and accordingly overloaded (burdenend) is and one tried to go stairs down then one receives as feedback: You case down the stairs.

The variety of Nethack is impressing. Monsters from the most diverse ranges are integrated - from Medusa to main header bits and even from quantum mechanics: if one opens a crate, it can occur that one finds Schroedinger's cat which is dead or lives.

Nose, assistance, merry or remarkable game situations and ideas for future versions of the play discussed in the Usenet in the newsgroup chop.

The moreover one there are some sides, which collect so-called spoilers. Here it concerns guidances, assistance or references, which can spoil the player "for spoilers "and thus the play passport, since they contain information, which it also (in the play) could have found out. It exists also a program, which produces such spoilers automatically from the NetHack Sourcecode.

The fact that NetHack is regarded of many as a very good play is partly probably because of the fact that the play is constantly extended and improved. New versions appear, whenever the DevTeam, a group of freiwilliger programmer, considers it correct.

"The Graphics"

The following picture is so mentioned an example of a typical game situation with the so-called improved diagram (improved graphics), because it uses also the high ASCII of symbols:

Putting one: @ - The player <, > - stairs up/down, _ - altar, % - something edible, + - charm book,/- magic wand, (- equipment,) - weapon, [- arms part, * - (nobly) stone, etc.

The different characteristics of the play character obtain the text field at the lower edge: St = Strength, Dx = Dexterity, CO = Constitution, in = Intelligence, Wi = Wisdom, CH = Charisma, HP = hit POINTs, Pw= MagicPower, AC = Armor Class, etc. Lilian, a chaotic Ork Barbarin, is represented with 32.036. Play course. It is in "Minetown", the center of a Seitenarms Dungeon, where it is in a closed area directly beside a temple. The lying about articles point to earlier fights.

Apart from this classical text mode exist also play surfaces, which replace the symbols by small pictures (tiles), so that a plakativerer impression develops.

In addition there is also front-ends for Emacs with the name nethack el, front-ends for Qt, with noeGNUd a graphically responding for Windows and with Falcon's Eye an platform-independent front-ends in 3D-Optik.

Current version

The current version is published 3.4.3, on 8 December 2003.

Other versions

Since the play is free software and everyone can change the freely available code, existed a set of variants.


The only momentarily still actively developed further variant (beside NetHack themselves) is Slash'EM (super guide OF Added Stuff chop - Extended Magic). It originally concerned a modification which is based on the version 3.3.1 of NetHack, which combines the SLASH Patch of Tom Proudfoot with the Wizard Patch of Larry Stewart Zerba. Slash'EM often lies during the introduction of new objects and ideas before NetHack, is considered generally however as less stable and substantially more with difficulty.

The modification can be downloaded here.

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