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The national plan commission (SPK) was in the GDR a central national organ of the Council of Ministers for the national planning and development of the socialist national economy and for control of the execution of the Planaufgaben. It was responsible in the central planned economy of the GDR for the coordination, elaboration and control of the medium-term long-range plans (five-year plan) and the annual national economy plans derived from it.

The central plan commission had its seat at the Council of Ministers in Berlin, starting from 1961 in the former building of the Prussian federal state parliament. The district plan commissions (BPK) were subordinate at the respective advice of the district and the circle plan commissions at the respective advice of the circle Stadt.Die of state-owned enterprises, LPGs had their plans before the plan commission responsible for them to defend in each case, these either without or only with editions were among other things approved. The enterprises with a multiplicity of plank numbers had to document the regular execution of the planned achievements regularly. Control of plan fulfillment took place on all levels parallel via the party organs of the SED, which were instruction-entitled opposite the national leaders.

The yearly national economy plan decided by the people chamber had legal power. Provable offences against the plan discipline could lead for the enterprise before the national contract courts to sanctions (fines) and for the responsible persons operations director to the immediate recall up to criminal procedures lead. Since many ladder at the same time also members of the SED were, a party procedure the consequence that up to the exclusion from the party could lead, was additional thus all further career prospects had taken care of itself.

On intergovernmental level the SPK coordinated the plans of the GDR with the countries of the RGW, for this intergovernmental agreements in the context of the socialist economic integration was locked.

In'' the state State of science and technology'' particularly important projects "state States of "(products or achievements) with overall economic meaning, central planned by the Ministry for science and technology. For this there were assignments of balances with high priority. This applied just as to military projects to the national defense (highest priority), answered for by the three Ministries of the military organs.

After the turn in January 1990 the SPK was replaced briefly by the economic commission at the Council of Ministers, their leader was Karl


In Minister rank, member of the Council of Ministers, member of the ZK of the SED and usually also member and/or candidate of the

  • 1950 - 1952 Heinrich Rau
  • 1952 - 1961 Bruno max of Leuschner
  • 1961 - 1963 Karl Mewis
  • 1963 - 1965 Erich Apel
  • 1965 - 1989 Gerhard

Deputy chairmen

In the course of the years there were numerous deputy chairmen, who were identical usually to the head department leaders of the SPK.

  • Friedrich Behrens
  • Karl starting from 1990 directors/conductors of the economic commission
  • Kurt Gregor
  • Heinz Klopfer undersecretary of state of the SPK
  • Fritz same man
  • Walter half knight
  • Helmut Wunderlich

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