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The mechanism of the national park Senne harrow/selvedge (in establishment) in the region east Westphalia von Nordrhein-Westfalen was decided on 14 April 2005 by the responsible North-Rhine/Westphalia agrarian committee without dissenting votes.

The area reaches from the east cathedral country to the comb of the harrow/selvedge mountains, it lies in the city square Bielefeld - Detmold - to - Paderborn. The 16. German national park will cover approximately 11,000 hectares large surfaces of the troop exercise area Senne and several thousand hectares state forest in the harrow/selvedge mountains close of the Teutoburger of forest. The protected area of external stones will form the easternmost subrange of the planned national park. Directly adjacent and/or municipalities surface-moderately concerned are among other things (in the clockwise direction): Oerlinghausen, Detmold, horn bath my mountain, queues, bath Lippspringe, Paderborn Sennelager, lock get Stukenbrock, August village.


The Senne, which as the most important connected biotope complex with more than 900 endangers animal, planting and kinds of mushroom in North-Rhine/Westphalia applies, possesses the nature protection status of an FFH area since 2002. In the Senne a species-rich natural landscape with naturenear brook runs and nutrient-poor Weihern as well as an old culture landscape with heath, moorland, lean lawn and far Kiefern, booking and oak forests kept. The Senneheide is considered thereby as the largest coherent Atlantic heath area of Germany. Altogether approximately 22,000 hectares seem to large areas over 1.100 of the kinds endangered in North-Rhine/Westphalia in that.


The North-Rhine/Westphalian federal state parliament North-Rhine/Westphalia had already decided 1991 unanimously to prove the Senne after the use military over (last by the British army) as national park. 1997 demanded then also a study the classification of the large protected area published by the BfN. 1998 were created the promotion association national park Senne, which will be substantial engine of the establishment.


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