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National park Saxonian Switzerland lies east of Dresden at the Czech border, at the upper run of the Elbe in the Free State Saxonia, Germany. It is approximately 93.5 km largely and exists since 12 September 1990. Before it the area, which also Elbsandsteingebirge is called, on 400 km had the status of a landscape protection area.

The area

The national park Saxonian Switzerland covers - within two spatially separated ranges - in the district Saxonian Switzerland parts of the cities and municipalities bath Schandau, high stone, Kirnitzschtal, king stone, Lohmen, Porschdorf, health resort Rathen, Sebnitz, Stolpen and city Wehlen.

Together with the surrounding landscape protection area the national park the national park region forms Saxonian Switzerland. At Czech side of the Elbsandsteingebirges the protected area continues Switzerland as national park.

Characteristics of the national park

The highest collection of the national park achieves straight once 556 M. D. M. and is low thereby for a low mountain range atypical. Saxonian Switzerland is however well-known for their strong so that on smallest area several climatic regions meet one another.

Geologically the emergence of the Elbsandsteingebirges is enough back into the chalk time. Covered by a sea originally, sand and clay strata settled, which transformed into rock. The 600 meters thick sandstone plate, which developed thereby, became strongly fissured after dropping the sea level by erosion, so that today Saxonian Switzerland is a pittoreske rock landscape, which is cut through by deep ravines. The reason of these layers is covered of Moos, at the rock slopes usury of ferns.

The national park offers marked moving ways, 49.9 km of cycle tracks, numerous mountain restaurants and 755 climbing rock with approx. 12,600 opportunities for advancement to approximately 400 km. A characteristic of the national park is that within its borders climbing sport is certified, however only within the close limits set by the Saxonian climbing rules.

Nature protection

Particularly to be protected in the context of the nature protection among other things the biotope and landscape types sandstone rock, Riffkiefernwald, ravine forest and beech forest crests on basalt, typical for the Elbsandsteingebirge.

Address national park administration

National park Saxonian Switzerland
At the Elbe 4
01814 bath Schandau

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